Rookie mistake?

So iv been having what I thought was nute problems, then ph problems and finally thought I had to much light.
Iv recently discovered that I staked my plants up and put ties to hold branches up when they were little and now they were basically cutting into my plant branches.
Is it obvious to say this is my problem?
Iv even taken out lights now, flushed plants, ph to 6.5, and give recommended dose of ph perfect advanced nutrients grow, bloom and micro
Few pictures of my symptoms and room
Has 315 and 4 600w leds that draw actual 125w a piece

Hard to tell under blurple light. Can yiu upload pictures in natural color please.

@rookiebudddzz, looks and sounds like you got a few issues, nothing that’s can’t be fixed this early though.

Fill out a support ticket, and yes, turn off the lights, pics with flash or natural lightning.

Strain super silver haze and gg#4 in the middle

Soil In Pots premier pro mix hpcc

System Type?

Ph Of Runoff was really low last time i checked 5.3

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? i use ph perfect grow bloom and micro i do 4ml per litter or just under as instructions state

Indoor GROW

Light System, Size? 315 CMH AND 2 GALAXY HYDRO 600W (125W TRUE CURRENT DRAW)


Humidity; Day, Night TRY TO KEEP IT ATLEAST 55

Ventilation System; Yes 240 CFM INLET OUTLET IS 6 INCH INLINE 400+CFM

Ac AND Humidifier

Co2; NO

Add Anything Else You Feel Would Help Us Give You A Most Informed Answer. Feel Free To Elaborate, But Short, To The

also i have a humidifier that is supposed to control humidity by itself
i just checked my hygrometer data and its getting over 90% humidity at night!
i now plugged it in to my timmer so it shuts off. not sure if thats a huge factor

Slimy brown spot is root rot right?