Rookie mistake...Used Miracle Gro, is it too late to transplant?


I made a mistake and used Miracle Gro potting soil. I’m 3 weeks from seed and one of my 3 autoflowers is showing signs of nitrogen toxicity. Leaves are clawing and turning yellow. I tested the soil and it is way too hot in terms of nitrogen. I’m wondering if I should take a chance on stressing the plant too much by transplanting into another soil or should I ride it out? Flushing isn’t an option with this time released crap.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m thinking I probably have nothing to lose at this point as I doubt this plant will produce given its current state. Is there another course of action?


Wait to do anything until some of the professionals can answer but off of the top of my head I would say you’re safe to transplant into something as long as you don’t disturb the plant too much and definitely try not to disturb the roots too much. 3 weeks isn’t that long into veg. I think you would have plenty of time to do it and have your girl’s recuperate. Are they photos? I only grow photos but I’ve heard Autos can be real temperamental with transplanting so wait to a pro chimes in,cuz if it’s an auto I don’t know what to do. I hope this helps a little sorry I’m no Pro.


Thanks for the input! They are autos. I’ve read the same thing about the temperamental nature of autos which is why I’m a little hesitant.


Okay. Yeah definitely wait for a pro. And I’m glad you read that somewhere too. I’m curious to see what they say cuz at some point or another I may try Autos. I just have room for photos so I go with photos cuz it’s what I know or I should say I’m more familiar with. But I’m still learning…


I’m only guessing here but flushing with copious amount of water will do more good than harm because the longer you wait the more its going to uptake . there’s only so much nutes the soil can have in it flush and test run off for ph to see if that the problem also have you feed it any nutes yet.


@Rexx welcome to the forum firstly I’m sorry I’m not a professional grower but I do grow Autos and photo’s, @neckNflu and also you too they can be temperamental and if I’m thinking right you want that soil out completely and go a different media that is alot off moving around but Autoflowers are very resilient I would wait for some more of an expert opinion tho which you will find a lot of on this site she mite just be far enough alone to handle some stress but how much is what we are all thinking right now, ah @Hogmaster can you help out if you can please :v:️.



M G is ok if you use another soil to break it down. Like Black Cow soil. That is what I use.

As far as transplanting your ladies go. Ya go for it… but make it’s their final home.
No worries you’ll be fine



@garrigan65 thank you for that I was hoping things would be ok for that fellow grower. :v:



I did a grow journal last year on Auto-flowering plants. I did all of ILGMs auto’s 2 plants of each for a grow of 14 auto’s . I’ll go and get the link. Found it … lol

Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


Thanks much all! I’ll transplant and hope for the best. I hated the thought of doing nothing and getting next to nothing in terms of yield.


@SteveG Like @garrigan65 was saying if you can get a different soil ( Medium ) and replace or mix into this are very Resilient plans hopefully you can get them transplanted into different parts they should be fine depending on how burnt they are if you got some pics that would help us help you :wink:


Here’s a pic post repotting which I did just a bit ago.


She looks happy very nice