Rookie mistake or lesson learned

So this is plant #2 Blue Dream auto. Been drying about 5 days in cardboard box. Buds are sticky but very airy (like plant #1). These got burned, I think, as the sugar leaves turned brown. Plant #1 got harvested too early(I think) and this one is maybe a week older at harvest. Trichomes were turning slightly amber and most fan leaves were gone. I used soil, 2 gal fabric pots and UFO LED 400w(?) 32x32 tent, Fox Farms nutes (sparingly). I am thinking maybe lights were too close and contributed to the lack of density, or maybe the pots are too small. Any input is appreciated.

The culprit may be your lighting. The only 400W UFO light I could find is a high-bay light, which lacks the red spectrum necessary for proper flowering.


Thanks, I agree the light it’s self is likely the culprit. It only has 4 red LEDs in the array. I am hoping the White Cheese auto will do better as I am raising the light for better dispersion.

Dispersion isn’t going to matter a whole lot. You really need the proper spectrum to have dense, full buds.

I guess I know where part of my simulus is going…LOL


I fixed that for you…


Come and ask questions when you are ready to buy. We’ll help get you a good light that is properly sized.

Stay away from the Amazon burples whatever you do. You can do far better.


Light is EVERYTHING to the cannabis plant. I’m willing to put money on it that your 400w LED
is more like a 90w-120w LED. They throw a bunch of 2w-5w chips into a board and multiply it by how many they used to come up with the wattage. Not the true wattage of the LED.

Get yourself a HLG R spec light, not the B spec. The B spec is for Vegging ONLY. It lacks the
red light spectrum. On the other hand the R spec boards have red AND blue so you can do
both Veg and Bloom.

Don’t feel bad about the LED light you bought. I have 4 LED’s that are now door stops because I didn’t listen to the right advice from the start.

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So many of us have done this, self included. Here’s the proper place for an Amazon burple (other than the trash bin.)


I’m vegging some seedlings under the blurps mostly cuz it has the nifty built in timer but you’re right. Not good for much beyond that. Even my HLG 100 does better. And all of them are practically in storage as “backup lights” lol

I dropped bread on an Electric Sky because I didnt wanna have to worry about if my light was good enough or not. Def some good ones out there especially along the HLG line… but if u find yourself considering an ES also check out Grow Light Science. Very similar light but cheaper.

I have one of those too.
I call it My LED Graveyard.
Where my money goes to die.

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I thought about throwing my joint on ebay but the shipping is prob nuts.

I’ve seen their Grow 200 and Grow 300.
Very impressive for $200-$400 with roughly same efficacy as HLG.

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Right. I was blown after I dropped bread on the ES but theres no buyers remorse there when u hit flower lol. Def gonna be a top candidate for my next setup.

Even if you can recoup 1/3rd of your initial cash spent, it’s better than collecting dust.

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I’ve def smoked that lolol

it’ll be money well spent.

Don’t sweat it! I just finished my first grow and I ended up buying 3 different lights. I had heard about my nephew wanting to grow some bag seeds so I gave him my first blurple light as a Xmas present. :smiley:

Give kingbrite a look. Im about to pull the trigger on the 240 watt QB with 301h, cree red, cree far red, and lg uv. 170 bucks…same price as hlg 135 after code.