Rookie in need of pointers


Hey everyone, first time grower here… I started out with two white widows from ILGM they both have sprouted and im on week three now. Im curious as to how much water to be giving the girls. Ive been using a spray bottle to wet the soil in the morning and nothing at night is this ok? Also my one plant is much smaller then the other. Thanks for the time!!


Almost ready to top once your ready


They are looking healthy. Each plant has their own personality and will grow a bit different. I like to make a circle around the plant with my finger and the water outside the ring to keep the plant dry.
IMHO you should let the plant get much bigger before you top it.


So dont water right next to the plant? And how much water? Thanks for the reply.


What your doing already is working well. I water lightly at this stage just enough to get my ring wet.

And a little later in the grow.

Shortly after this pic I started to water to runoff.


Also a little air flow will help the plant get more sturdy.


Soil should be dry to a knuckle or two in depth. I would think at this point you should be using more than a spray bottle to water. They can tolerate more mater just don’t overdo it. I only water every 3-4 days. Alot depends on your system as well. Support ticket info would let everyone know your system and situation.



Support ticket info

White widow, ILGM
Using happy frog soil
Using 3 gallon plastic pots
Roughly about 6.8 ph
No nutes yet
Indoor plants
600 watt mh and hood from daystar
Keeping around 75 day and 73 at night
Usually around 52 humdity
Oscillating fan
And a small humidifier


Welcome to the forum! I agree with others on watering to a ring around plant a little. It will encourage roots to search out the water. I think its difficult to give an exact amount of water at this point. You’re in fairly large pot for that size plant, and the pots will dry out at different rates in different medium. I would just pour small amount in ring around plant as pictured above and wait til it dries out prior to watering again.


I agree with the watering, but please don’t top that plant yet. Not even close to ready to top :v::bear:


Thanks for the info!


It’s funny to see how many different ways people grow. This is what I’ve been doing when I decide to grow one in soil. My main method is ebb and flow hydroponics. Once I get the seedling which now has a good tap root will go into a small pot. I use about 16- 20 ounces of ph’d water 6.5 and let it run a little through the bottom. I use happy frog so no nutes are added. I don’t spray and won’t water for about 2-3 days. I repeat this until the plant is ready to be transplanted into a 7 or 10 gal. pot. This is my results at day 13 since I put these girls into a system either ebb and flow or soil. The hydro system seems to grow much faster than the plant in soil.

ebb and flow


Im on the third week my girls are much smaller. Idk lol


Maybe I missed it but are they Photos or Autos?


They’re not autos no.


What kind of advice is that??


What you talking about just pointed out that he could top it it’s not really advice


You water entire pot at that size. Get a gallon of your ph’d water and add it slowly until it comes out the drain holes. That is how much you use. For seedling stage which you are past; I use 1 cup per plant at first once they are in 1 gallon pots. Once they start to grow faster; Drench the pot like advised above and pick up the pot. Do you feel the weight of a watered pot. Pick up a dry pot. Do you see how light it is. There you go…hope this helps :slight_smile:


You suggested he could top his seedling…