Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


Those look awesome @Ray4x Scrog looks really good.


Need some advice:

So my biggest plant seemed to have what I thought was phosphorus issue about a week and a half ago. I think I may have gotten it corrected but I’ve noticed that it still really isn’t into “full bloom”. The other two plants are loaded with pistils and they are starting to stack up- but this one still just shows a few pistils only. Also the leaves on the top look very skinny and weak. What could be the issue? Or is it just taking longer to get into flowering because it’s bigger.

Ph 6.5
Ppm 1300
Unknown strain
Week 2 of flowering (4 since the switch)

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I’m betting on nute lock out, did you flush the soil before the switch?


I’ve been doing water / water / nutes. So I didn’t think a full flush would have been necessary. But now I’m thinking maybe I should have lol.



What nutes are you useing?


GH Flora Series



I know nothing about that line, I only use fox farm, and for me I would have had to flush two times by this point one time before flowering and 4-5 weeks later. A lot of people on this site don’t flush unless problems are visible. I’m not that person I believe in flushing soil every 4-5 weeks like clockwork, my coco loco gets flush every 2 weeks no matter what. But that’s me and my method. I like getting rid of a problem before I even know it’s there. IMO it’s better for the plants less stress.


some plants just take their time going into flower but I would keep close eye on it because hermis can behave that way too not saying it is just a thought my initial thinking was Iron def.


@Ray4x can you do that same pic under white or natural light, please?

What light schedule are you on?



Yeah I’ll try later to get another pic.

I’m on 12/12.


have you verified that they are in fact on a 12/12? I know it happened to me awhile back I went to make a change to the start and end times to be more along the natural times and i messed up the off time.



Yeah I’m sure. The other 3 are all in full bloom with no issues.


I had to ask. Sometimes it’s foolish stuff like that what gets us!


Yeah totally get it. Always good to check the basics.

You think there is any benefit to going 13 off 11 on?



I was thinking it could be just the ticket to get her going. I don’t know what else you could do at this point. Can’t hurt! @Ray4x


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She put on a bunch of new pistils since yesterday. Looks like she’s finally ready to get going. She also stretched quiet a bit more than the others- which is leading me to believe it just took her a little longer to transition. But she’s a monster!

note to self- add second layer of scrog next time to help support colas


Note to self remember this note :memo:

I’ve been having that same problem @Ray4x but really been trying to lst in flower more as well.


Just a little update!

Starting the 4th week of flowering tomorrow and the girls haven’t looked better.

The big one that was slow to flower is starting to shoot more and more pistils and the 2 other unknown strains are growing some fat colas.

The more mature ones are starting to showing more triches everyday now and are really stick and starting to get heavy.

Here are some random pics. I added one of the underside of the scrog cause I thought it was a cool perspective.

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Looking great dude!
Looking forward to your harvest. Its so awesome smoking your own weed that you grew yourself. And this stuff just keeps getting better every day! Cant wait for you to experience it!


@Ray4x those look a great. How long have you been in flower now? Since you e changed the light schedule… I think they’re maybe a week ahead of me?