Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


Glad it looks to be working well!


Nice idea… I will save this post! :wink:


Love the ingenuity @Ray4x I see a patent in your future lmfao


Good Job @Ray4x
Now figure out a way to add nutes and you will only need to open the tent once a month to take a look. :thinking:


@Rugar89 @Ray4x… Need to rig up a nute drip lol!


@Rugar89 @Zombo

I actually just added nutes into the res- like a hydroponic system. Mixed up a big ole batch!


If you haven’t already, I would add a fish tank air pump with a bubbler in the RES to keep it mixed.



Yeah I have one- just didn’t get a chance to set it up before I left for Portland.


Keep one eye on the pH level :wink:


Im sure he adjusted it before he left. Im just wondering how long the PH will stay in range though. But for a week or so, it still shouldn’t be a problem.


Officially 1 week through transition- and officially seeing pisitils! Happy to report they’re all girls (even though they’re feminized seeds, ya never know)

The automatic drip irrigation system worked great for the 4 days I was gone! definitely needed the air stone in there to keep the water from getting stagnant. Cleaned and refilled the res today with silica, sweetner, and bloom nutes! (Ph 6.2 ppm 600)

It’s becoming more difficult to get under the plants to maintain the undergrowth, but spent some time today pruning out a bunch of it.

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Hope you got extra pairs of pruning shears come harvest time @Ray4x . The girls look great real nice job .


No shortage of bud sites, that’s for sure! Looking good dude!


Wow love love love :green_heart::heart_eyes::green_heart:


Looking good @Ray4x
I found it to be a pain in the butt to prune more than a few days pants under a scrog screen
My next scrog run will be one plant not 4 to ensure I can properly maintain the under side as well as above canopy just a FYI
Keep up the good work bro :+1: :ok_hand:CB



Yeah I think lesson learned for me as well. Less is more with a scrog!

I didn’t initially plan on doing one.


Congrats my friend they are stunning keep awesome work.


9/9 update

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile- I was out of town for a week and things have been busy since I’ve been back.

I will be 2 weeks into flowering come Tuesday (4 weeks since light flip) and the girls are doing great. While I was out of town I has the girls running on an automatic drop system which worked out for keeping the watered- but ran into a slight ph problem and I think my biggest girl was locking out Phosphorus. I’ve since corrected the ph and no longer have them running on a fill automatic irrigation system. It’s actually quite nice- I fill a 5 gal bucket with water/ nutes and pop in my pump and I’m able to water all the girls in less than 10 minutes while I’m able to prune or do other things. I’m also working to tweet the water delivery system (drip, drip ring, soaker hose, drip emmiters)- trial and error really.

Anyways here are some pics of the girls. The White Widow runt has sprung up and has a nice top cola starting- she won’t be as big as the others but she should be awesome for getting a late start. 2 of the other ones have nice buds starting to form with lots of pisitils and starting to see some triches forming. The biggest one that was dealing with ph issues isn’t quiet in full bloom yet- but since I’ve corrected the issues she’s looking way better and starting to get there.

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Looking good!


Fantastic @Ray4x you’re only two weeks ahead of me! The girls look great, and I also looked into a drip system, but haven’t purchased because I don’t leave town often. I’ll be paying attention, I also have WW, but not in a cool scrog set up! lol. Awesome work, and more pictures of semi-bud porn. Haha.