Rookie grow- the adventure begins!



I can’t remember exactly haha. I wanna say 35"… but it might be 25" lol.

Just read back through- it’s 25"



Seems pricey for nutes.

The whole Flora line from GH is like 36 from a hydro store. And those are all pints I believe (16 oz).

I think you can get fox Farm for right around the same price as GH.


I will have to do more research. I have floranova grow. I been using dynagro all this time and today I got the feeding chart and realized I been underfeeding my plants this whole time. Just thought if I needed more I would buy the line of one manufacturer. I have everything but all different brands and not sure I can mix them that way. Thanks though don’t want ti hijack someone else thread, lol.


@Ray4x just caught up with the thread have 400 more to catch up on lol
It daunting keep up the good work bro


@BudBuddy @Ray4x I think when you look at the dynagrow and gh lines they both come in around the best bang for your buck range.

After the base nutes, all of the additional bottles come in at different times and places. Bloom boosters and sweeteners usually aren’t necessarily for the survival of a plant. But the cal/mag could be. There are also ways to supplement some of these with household items.

And there’s not an issue with mixing lines from different manufacturers, as long as you’re somewhat aware of what one line contains vs the other. For example, adding a botanicare or advanced silica enhancer to gh base nutes shouldn’t be an issue. But mixing the grow nutes from one with the bloom nutes from another may.

I always found it best to try and get something fairly solid with base nutes first. Unless you’re using hard water, some sort of cal/mag will probably be a necessity. After that, you can kind of plug them in as wanted or needed. For a lot of the additional nutes, even a couple of small doses at the right point of a grow can make a pretty big difference. So while the bottle may be expensive, it could potentially go a long way or have a big impact on your harvest.


@dbrn32 Did you see the dyna-gro photo? Its 2 8oz bottles of each of those for $45. I originally paid $8 each for a 8oz bottle of grow and bloom. I like the grow and bloom but I don’t know much about the rest and I am about to start 2 more plants so thought if beneficial I would just get the set of dyna gro. Also found out I have been under feeding my plants.


Yep, seems reasonable to me


I love General Hydroponics flora line. By far the easiest to use and successfully grow with in my opinion. But I completely agree with you @dbrn32 because I buy the GH Flora Line, and use some GH additive nutrients, but I also use other companies additives as well. I wouldn’t mix the base nutrients tho either, like you said.

I’ve also noticed that with GH Flora trio I haven’t needed to use Cal-Mag. I think it was @latewood that said it, but the GH flora trio doesn’t necessarily need it. I use spring water, not tap, and not RO or distilled water.

And the even cooler part with GH flora trio is…you really only need to use 2 of the 3 nutrient mixes! The Lucas Formula was developed specifically for the GH flora base nutrients, and then was adapted to Advanced Nutrients base nutrients as well. Pretty cool stuff lol, I’ve been using the Lucas Formula on a grow and it’s been working great! I’m going to continue to use this method for another plant to compare.



Good stuff @ktreez420! Glad someone with first hand knowledge of that particular line could weigh in. For the most part they contain the same stuff, but not always in similar concentration.

I read slightly on the Lucas method, but never took any notes or tried. I have only really used earth juice to the extent of having any notes. I feel I have a pretty good recipe (borrowed from someone else) but haven’t challenged it either way. Stuff is kind of outdated now I hear, so I’ve been looking at something new for when I get back to operational.

Jacks classic in powdered form jumped out as a low cost contender. So possibly that.



Can you explain the Lucas method to me?

Do you think I could switch to the Lucas method mid grow? Or should I stick with what I’ve been doing.


remember, if it aint broke don’t fix it!


@Ray4x here’s an awesome article on the Lucas Formula. And here’s the basics. It’s a simple 1:2 ratio, 1 part Micro to 2 parts Bloom

General Hydroponics Flora Series Feeding Strategy - Lucas Formula

G-M-B (Grow-Micro-Bloom)
0-5-10 - For Vegetative cycle (18/6)
0-8-16 - For Flowering cycle (12/12)

The numbers above indicate the number of milliliters (ml) of FloraGrow, Micro or Bloom formulas that I use in one gallon of water.

You will notice I don’t use any of the FloraGrow formula, do not need to, the FloraMicro provides plenty of Nitrogen.




Thanks bud!

Do you think it would work in soil too? Or is it just geared towards hydro?


I have used in soil with some of my best results


It’s as easy as 1-2-3 / 3-2-1



Do you use micro grow and bloom?


When using the Lucas mehtod one may find the need to add CalMag. Ig you
use all 3 parts, you do not need CalMag. Only when using Lucas method.

This is how the whole CalMag thing happened in the 1st place, when we
discovered the need for CalMag using Lucas method.


**Well I did it **

Flipped the switch to 12/12 to start flowering on Tuesday- 9 weeks from sprout.

They were starting to grow up into the net but with some timing issues (going on vacation in 2 weeks) I wanted to make sure I was around for the stretch so I could continue to tuck and weave as needed.

I also built myself a nifty little top drip irrigation system that will run off a timer and res so I won’t need to worry about watering while I’m gone.

I’ll post some more pics tonight- but are these pistils??

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Sweet! Looking forward to seeing what you came up with for the irrigation system.


Here is my make shift automated top drip irrigation system.

I’m using a submersible pump hooked up to a timer. It runs for 10 mins 3 time a day. Each watering gives 3 cups of water to the plant. Hooked it up to some 1/2 feeder line and then teed off to 1/4 line. The 1/4 line is hooked up to a drip emmiter (4 gph) and that goes into these things calls “black hole hydroponics” dripper that I bought for $3 at the hydro shop. Looks like it is working well so far. It’s not saturating a huge area but I believe as long as the moisture is working it’s way down to the roots I should be fine.

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