Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


Yes, I have. GH offers a soft water and a hard water concentrate. The hard water concentrate is not as strong a concentrate, to adapt for the high ppm in your water.

I would advise you to get a small RO unit. We have one or 2 links posted in our “Buyers Guide”, at the bottom of the forum. This will clean your water and you will know exactly what you are feeding your plants.

At 300+ ppm, I would want to do a water analysis from the state or ag office.

Hang in there.



I don’t have the budget for a RO system at this moment.

So what would you recommend going with?


Good News Update

So I had to water the girls again today! They are drinking water much faster. And with that looks like they sucking up a lot more of the nutes. The ph is still on point and the ppms have come down significantly.

Need some advice though. So I tested my water with ph down in it and no nutes and it was 350 today! So even though my runoff may be a little high I think that number doesn’t help. Do you guys think I’m good to start back up on a weak dosage of nutes?

Also looking for some opinions. I started a White Widow photo after I had already started the other 3. She’s really starting to get into Veg now but will be well behind the others. I topped the big girls again today to slow the upward growth a little and give her some time to catch up. Should I just start flowering once I get the screen filled, regardless of where the WW is at? I don’t want to risk running out of room- would rather give up some yields on the WW.

Any and all help is appreciated as always.

Thanks friends.

Water in for all:
6.5 in at 350 ppm

6.4 out at 1540 ppm

6.5 out at 1450 ppm

6.6 out at 1100 ppm

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If they are happy why push your luck? stay the course and feed them next cycle when they’re drinking heavy it is actually better to keep ppm slightly lower so i would say you are just fine personally



So you think one more straight watering?


I think I would go straight water with Shirley and Wanda one more time, and try to go in at 7 or 800 PPM with Bobbi and see what her runoff PPM does.


Looking good, can’t wait to see that net filled up :slight_smile:


@Ray4x to make it easier, look at the GH Chart and look for the range they call for PPM of TDS and if you are falling below the range you give nutes. If you are in that range or above it then you don’t need to give nutrients.

What week are you using on the GH schedule?

That will help take the guess work out of it for you!



I’m in the week they call “late growth” on the chart I’m using.

I gave the girls a weak feeding last night (600 ppm- with 320 coming from the water itself).

The ppms looked good on runoff except for Shirley.


@Ray4x almost into flowering ?



I think another week or two.


@Ray4x ahh I can’t wait how’s the ww doing ?



She’s good! Really taken off in the last week. I topped her just once because I want her to grow vertically as quickly as possible to catch up. And she’s getting there! Probably halfway to the screen.


First tucking!

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@Ray4x Damn I just downloaded this chart earlier. I don’t use these nutes but I was trying to figure out to do my own chart and came in here to ask yall for some help.


@Ray4x @Rugar89 I use the veg and bloom should I be using the other stuff here too or can I mix brands?


That is sweet. I hope my next grow looks half that good.


@Ray4x plants look great!!
How high your scrog?



I’m no expert with nutes and I’m figuring them out myself.

I think you really only need the base nutrients for the most part. For the GH like I’m using that would be Flora micro, grow, and bloom. I think the other stuff would only truly be necessary if you run into some sort of deficiency.

But like I said I’m figuring it out as I go as well.


@Ray4x I use dyna gro and just found this dude that has them for sale 2 8oz bottles of each. $45 shipped to the door.