Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


If you are putting in 1000 and getting out 1970-2440 you should consider cutting back on the nutrients in until the runoff TDS numbers start to fall of.

What week of the schedule are you on? @Ray4x


I’m on what they call “late Veg” on the feeding schedule.



@Ray4x ok, let’s go with week 3. Looks like they are calling for ppm’s of 600-900



Yeah I assume that is nutirent solution though right?

I know that GH is geared towards hydro so I think they are saying if you’re in hydro your ppm in res should be 600-900. Which is right where my nutirent solution is.

Also I think there might be some calcium building up in the soil due to the hard water- and that is skewing the ppm number slightly.


That right there going in 1000 coming out 2000 shows your plants are not
taking up what you are giving them. In between nutrient feedings, you
should be watering with plain water PH at 6.5


So think of the “nutrient solution” as your runoff and the nutrients you add to the soil is your maintenance dose to the nutrient solution.

Foe soil you use the Drain to Waste charts @Ray4x

(if you aren’t already)



Yeah I’m following you. I have been going feed/feed/ water. I’ll switch to feed/ water for now.

Do you think the Azos and mykos in the soil could add to the ppm spike?


This is why I posted that three weeks ago. IMO you started feeding nutes way to soon. Your FFOF still had plenty left in it.


I agree here dont go looking for trouble. i lock ph in and dont worry about runoff unless somnething looks wrong


Bad news!!

So I was traveling for work since Tuesday and my wife was supposed to run the ac unit while I was gone. But she forgot.

So the temps went crazy and plants drank a bunk of water.

Long story short- the ppm WAS too high and paired with the plants drinking all the water out of their pot two of the plants suffered some gnarly nute burn. On top of that they were all super droopy and looking for water. I watered them all with a gallon each of ph water. They all look perked up this evening. Now I’m just hoping they recover from the trauma and don’t hermie.

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They are quite resilient. They will rebound I’m sure.


They will rebound bro @Ray4x… The roots just got bigger… Bigger roots, bigger fruits!


What doesn’t kill us (or your plants), just makes us (them) stronger. You got this!


Thanks for the positive words guys!

I’m hoping they continue to perk up with the water intake.


I’m sure they’ll be fine. If I haven’t killed mine yet, you should be ok… lol.


Good News/ Bad News

Bad news first- Shirley has massive nute burn- but the bright side is that she has new green growth coming up so I think she will pull through. Also my ppm’s are still high. So nothing but ph water until they come down.

Good news- all the ph’s are finally in line! All coming out around 6.5-6.6. So once I flush some more nutes out I should be in a good place. Bobbi and Wanda have some mild burn but are overall still nice and bushy with nice new growth. They are about 8 inches away from reaching the screen!

6.7- 6.8 ph in at 312- 320 ppm for all

Shirley 6.55 out at 2270 ppm

Bobby 6.52 out at 1480 ppm

Wanda 6.62 out at 1900 ppm

I read something the other day that says they make a GH micro for hard water (ppm over 300) so I might look into that to replace my regular micro once I start nutes again. @latewood have you heard of this?

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Sounds like a water softener to me as for being burnt up id agree Shirley’s ppm readings are outrageous she is definitely not taking any thing up and likely burning roots, so again good choice with nothing but PhD water.

Also wanda I would suggest the same thing dont give her any nutrients for the next week or two until that number comes down she is likely about to stop taking up the nutrients as well, she is probably taking them in and using them at a slow rate…


If Shirley and Wanda were mine, they would get a extra gallon of PHed water right now for a mild flush. Then you wouldn’t have to keep waiting to get back on track. That’s if you just watered them today.



I’m already done for the evening but had I thought of it that would have been a good call.

I’ll see where they are next time and if it’s still really high then I’ll send another gallon through them.


I would also suggest that when you do start feeding them again, maybe just feed nutes at 1/4 strength. I know that every grow is different, but what I have found with mine is hat sometimes less is more. I’m sure they will pull through bro. Keep us posted.