Rookie grow- the adventure begins!



I’m using GH and without altering the ph it is at 7… you think I should just roll with that unless I see some issues?


Hi @Ray4x, just to add my 2 bits, I think 7 is high ph… Late wood will answer you but I think you mix the nutes then ph to 6.5(I guess your in soil)… That’s seems to be consensus here… I’ve been having similar issues as you are… I’m in ffof and lately it seems no matter what my ph is, the runoff is 5.9/ 6… I flushed a few weeks back with like 8-9 gallons of water, got my ph to around 6.4-6.6… Then like 8-10 days later, I gave nutes, ff tiger and big bloom and runoff is back to 6.1 again… Driving me nuts



I’ve been putting in 7.8 and getting 6.5-6.8 out. But I think I’m going to just go in at 7 and see what happens. I know the soil will bring it down a bit.

I did a slurry test with 2oz of 6.5 water and a tablespoon of soil. After 30 mins it came out at 6.8. So I’m actually feeling pretty ok with where I’m at.


Oh ok, I see… Then that’s a good plan @Ray4x… You know what’s best for your plants…


That’s a good ph for the plants!


Random update!

So I finished building my SCROG today! It’s 25" off the ground and will be going over the girls in the next week or so. The girls have really started filling out the pots and getting nice and bushy. I’ve been doing quite a bit of LST on them but I’ll probably dial it back now that they are nice a full and I’m ready with my screen. I also took a picture of my LST job on one of the plants. Wanted to get your guys input on how it looks!

LST job- the green line is the main stem:

Scrog net complete:

Group shot:

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@Ray4x Oh damn! Look at that growth spurt. And hello miss celine.


@Ray4x very nice looking set up there good luck with the scrog I have been wanting to do one for a long time now . Definitely going to follow this grow thanks for tagging me


Big Day!

Feeding day and transplant for Celine

First thing is first. I transplanted Celine into her forever 5 gal home with Azos and Mykos. The roots when I took her out looked really good and the operation was a success. Just a light watering for her.

Feed the older girls. Micro/ Grow/ Bloom + CaliMag and Armor Si + Floralicious and Diamond Nectar (following the GH feeding guide)

Ph looked perfect on all but one. And that might have been because I didn’t get enough runoff.

7.12 ph 1000 ppm for all 3:
6.52 at 2440 ppm

6.45 at 1970 ppm

6.33 at 1970 ppm

Lastly, I am going to be out of town for a few days so I decided to put the screen up and take the ties that were holding the girls down. Now that they are bushy I want them to start growing up into the net.




Tent shot with net:

Group shot below the screen:

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Nice space you have there :heart_eyes: and beautiful plants…
1 question… Is not to much ppm?



To be honest I’m not 100% sure. The nutes going in were 1000 ppm (the feeding schedule says 600-900) and my water from the tap has about 150 already too. So I feel pretty comfortable about what was going in. And it was only moving up about 800-900 on runoff so I think that’s ok?


Yep… I saw that feeding schedule… But the runoff is to big in my opinion… I don’t test mine so…


Did you ever get another exhaust fan or filter? Hooked up my new 435cfm fan today, and even that wont hardly suck air thru my filter. :worried:



Yeah I did. I hooked mine up yesterday too… no go… I think the humidifier screwed it up. I even tried flipping the flanges so it would pull the other way and nothing. Looks like I need to invest in a new one :roll_eyes:

Wife said it’s starting to smell in the garage. I really haven’t noticed but I’m in there everyday.


The runoff tds seems a little high but the plants are happy!


You do not need CalMag. You are just wasting it. CalMag should only be applied if a definite Calcium or Magnesium deficiency proves itself.

Flora has all the Calcium and Magnesium you will ever need.


Almost forgot. Why are you running your solution near 2000 PPM?



I was just putting the cal mag in because that’s what it says on the feeding schedule. But I’ll stop it for next feeding.

My solution going in was 1000… the runoff was 2k


@Ray4x Your runoff numbers are a bit high. Just so we can do a quick review, maybe you could remind me of your nutrients?

and what week of the schedule you are following?

Are you deducting your tap ppm of 150 from your total ppm going in and out?

Curious on that one as TDS PPM is a measurement of the Total Dissolved Solids, not just the ones in your nutrients.



I’m using GH Flora trio. I did not deduct the 150 for the tap water. Also my water is hard- not sure if that skews the ppm number at all.