Rookie grow- the adventure begins!



Starting week 6 tomorrow. Like I said they were gift seeds so I don’t know if they were autos or not. I’m hoping they’re not though because I’ve been topping and training them like crazy assuming they were photos :grimacing:


Take a picture of the whole plant when you get a chance
But if six weeks from seed sounds pretty fast for a photo but also slow for a auto lol
My auto which is my first so I’m no expert on it started to flower at threee weeks or they abouts
So I’m guessing yours is a photo and just showing signs of preflower
And will not flower yet for a few more weeks which would put you right on track for a photo grow @Ray4x also what light schedule you using right now ?



Oh ok! Well that’s a bit of a relief haha. I didn’t know that they would start showing pre flowers… I thought that only happened when you flipped the lights.

Here’s on from the top:

And another one from the side:


Very nice :+1:
Yeah I don’t think you have anything to worry about brother
Yeah as they mature they will regardless of light schedule she letting you know she’s old Enough and ready to flower so I’d say in another week or two you’ll be ready to flip the schedule




I’m doing a scrog- do you think there is a point in which I should stop doing LST to the pot and let them start to grow up a bit towards the screen?


I would stop now if you are planning on using a screen and get them up to screen so you can tuck and fill screen up
But imo you should just continue the path your on for this grow and save the scrog screen for next grow
Usually you want the screen at 25 inches off floor any you would allow them to fill screen before you change schedule so you would have screen place over plant after the sprout stage and let it fill screen for 4-6 weeks depending on size of screen
I’m not sure you’ll get the full potential from the technique at this point
Just food for thought


Ok boys, looking for some guidance here. So I’ve done two feedings and I’ve noticed that I’ve had to bring the ph of the water and nutes up to like 7.8-7.9 in order to get the proper runoff of 6.5-6.8. That being said- is it normal to have to adjust so high on feedings, or is that a sign that I may have a ph problem? I watered it today with straight water and here was what I got:

7.7 in at 342 ppm in
6.5 out at 2450 ppm

7.85 in at 360 ppm
6.26 at 2250 ppm

7.7 in at 250 ppm
6.46 out at 1790 ppm

Do you think with the ppm so high and the ph coming out more than a full point of the water going in that I’m in need of a flush? If so, I am traveling next week (Tuesday-Thursday) and I would like to line up my flush so that I can give the girls a feeding when I get back. When do you think would be the best time to do this to let the soil dry out enough in between. I just watered today so I know it will need to be at least 3-4 day from now.

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My autos will be six weeks from sprout on Weds and haven’t started flowering yet, but I’m expecting it anytime now.


I’ve been seeing a few folks water with high ph to try and get the runoff perfect.
But I reading through the forum is seeing that we shouldn’t water with anything higher than 7. In one post the grower used 10.4 water? It is my understanding that this will create more problems but shocking the plant because of the sudden and drastic change.
I will be waiting for the mods or more experienced chime in,would love to know what’s what


Me to @Nug-bug! I just feed my ak47 whit 3.8 pH to get the runoff at 6.5…i hope everything will be fine…
Maybe @Donaldj @garrigan62 @latewood know about this…
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 maybe you know something about this?


My thoughts

The soil or medium will either be in the area of 5.8 or 6.5 Approx.

Do a slurry test of your soil / medium. Water to that pH.

2 ounces of water pH to 6.5

Add one heaping tablespoon of soil and mix thoroughly. Let stand for 15-30 minutes and then measure to that pH.

I have not seen one yet that was very far off from 6.5 or 5.8

Don’t fight your soil / medium!

Any changes to the pH going in should be made incrementally. ie 6.5 in and 7.0 out. The next would be 6.3 in and hopefully 6.8 out. Never jump more than a couple of tenths at a time.

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So you’re saying I don’t need to flush? Just do the slurry test and see where I’m at?



I did the slurry test this morning and took a tablespoon of soil off the top and 2 oz of 6.56ph water. After 30 mins I tested the ph and it came out as 6.8 so I think that’s right on.

My question would be- since I took soil off the top would that be different than soil down by the roots? Also if my soil is actually that close than how come I’m watering at 7.8 and getting runoff at 6.4??


Your runoff will grab things as it runs through your pot, changing the pH of both the soil, and the water itself. It’s why you have to find the balance between the too, and you seem to have done it dude!




So should I continue to water with my ph that high (7.8)?

Or since my soil looks to be closer to 6.8- should I bring the ph of my waterings down?


I’m not a soil guy, but I would think logic says to bring it down to like 7.6 and see if that get’s your runoff/soil around 6.5

But honestly, I know most growers will probably just tell you to keep doing what you’re doing, if everything looks good and you’ve got it dialed in, just stick with it. You might end up screwing with the 6.8 pH (which is pretty good!) and causing issues you didn’t have before.

Let’s see what some soil guys think tho @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Donaldj




Yeah that’s kinda my thought too. But I’m just wondering why the slurry test (6.8 using 6.5 water) and then my runoff (6.4 with 7.7 water) is so different. I’m just concerned that if I’m having to pH my water up so high that that means there’s a problem with my soil ph.

I’m sure I’m just overthinking it. But just want to make sure I’m good to keep up with my feeding schedule and don’t need to flush.


Very nice canopy, looks very uniform and loving that bud spacing. Great job on the LST.



I have to tell you; I do not PH up my nutrient solution like that. I mix
it correctly, and unless I have some issues pop up on the plant, I do not
worry about or measure run off. Some folks might disagree with this but,
I consider testing run off when no issues are present, much the same as
chasing your tail. In the end, you have to make your own choices in
setting a method for yourself. Peace, lw


Read the message I posted to Ray.