Rookie grow- the adventure begins!



I did think the PPM was a little low as well. But I believe that is for hydro? So might be different with the soil component.

I read through a thread that @latewood posted. It is basically a spin off of the Lucas method. It was for use in hydro but I imagine the similar effect should work in soil. He runs a 1-1-1 mix for veg and then starts cutting back on grow and micro and upping the bloom so you finish at 0-1-2.


Mine just started there first day of 10 - 14 and push a little extra nutrients but since I never feed full strength that is about what it will go to @Ray4x


Girls seem to be loving the LST.

Shirley hasn’t pushed too much new growth up to the top where I fimmed her- but she has tons of new undergrowth. And all of the new undergrowth is also turning up to the light and starting new leaves too.

Bobbi has tons of growth up where I fimmed her and it looks like I have 4 tops coming in! Not nearly as much growth underneath yet.

Wanda was topped and it looks like the 2 new tops are getting ready to grow. She has a nice flat canopy and really opening up to the light.

I tried something new to include this all on one picture. Let me know if it’s sucks haha.

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@Ray4x Girls are looking sweet.


7/10 First Feeding

Decided to give the girls their first dose of GH Flora nutes yesterday. My PH was a low on runoff so I will need to up it for the next time.

4ml micro 5ml grow and 1ml bloom per gallon.

7.2 and 615 ppm in - 6.3 and 1830 ppm out

7.4 and 650 ppm in - 6.35 at 2070 ppm out

7.25 and 650 ppm in - 6.1 out at 2010 ppm out

Checked on them this morning and they seem to be responding well to the feeding.

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Yep yep yep I always rush and check after the first couple feedings always looking for burn . They are gobbling up nutes rite now . I have even gone to a feed feed water schedule and there is no burn at all


This means that you are fine @Ray4x, but I think you need to go a little higher whit that pH range… 6.5 - - >6.8
That is a good idea… Feed feed water… Thx @Oldstoner



Yeah I pH’d the water to about 7.2 the first time. But I think I need it to be up to like 7.6-7.8.


Looking good @Ray4x and your number look good as well


7/13 Feeding Day

So came back from my work trip and the girls look great! Looks like a little bit of heat stress because the wife didn’t run the AC. But all in all real good growth since their first feeding. Today I did the base nutrients and also added in diamond nectar and calimag. I did some more LST before I left and they are already turned up and reaching more so I am going to do some hardcore LST tomorrow and really open them up. I bought all the materials for the SCROG- just need to put it together. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

7.85 at 740 ppm in
6.5 at 1880 ppm out

7.8 at 780 ppm in
6.45 at 1870 ppm out

7.8 at 760 ppm in
6.4 at 1980 ppm out

Added some fresh soil to top of cup and watered

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Pictures after LST this morning.





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@Ray4x I wonder what these girls are haha but man they look good man , can’t wait to see them flower


They are looking good.


Lookingbgreat my friend keep up the good work


Nice Bro!


Wanda lol that name always makes me laugh I love naming plants :seedling: @Ray4x



I just started a new plant- it’s a White Widow.

I asked my wife if there is any famous white woman who’s husband died recently.

She told me Celine Dion- hence Celine came into existence haha


@Ray4x that’s a good one! You want a name you can spell correctly not something stupid


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Hey so I was do some maintainence on the girls and when I went to top one of the girls I noticed what looks like pisitils? But it might just be new growth sites… since this is my first grow I really don’t know what pistils look like lol.

I don’t know what strain these are- I was assuming they are not autos but if these are pistils then it would change things. Looking for you expert opinions.


Looks like you are about to flower my friend
How old are they again ? Since they popped ?