Rookie grow- the adventure begins!



Yes I’m using FFOF as well. This was my first watering in the new pots so I wanted to get a baseline PH to go off. Next time I will bring the ph up a little bit and I will add in nutes for the first time as well.


Yeah your right there in the neighborhood… That runoff is fine but see what the rest of the folks say… Lots of knowledge on this forum!


Def go easy with nutes… Start real slow, your ppm’s suggest the soil is high in nutrients… How old since sprout?



It’s 3 weeks and 3 days since sprout.

I’m going to start with just 1/4 dose to start- probably not for a couple more days.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Ray4x

Here is what I bought on CB’s recommendation


I disconnected my filter today and hooked a speed controller to my exhaust fan. I had the speed controller on my intake to control neg. pressure in the tent when I first set it up. I now have neg. tent pressure again, with plenty of air flow. Don’t need the filter yet anyway.

I don’t think these filters are clogged, just starting to get a little normal amount of restriction from filtering the air, and these cheap 220cfm booster fans don’t have enough power like they did when the filter was brand new.

I’m going to get a 440cfm exhaust fan to use with the filter when the girls start to stink. Those filters are expensive, so no need to pull air thru them until we have to.



Haha I did the same thing this morning! I put a piece of fabric to cover the fan though so no junk gets in there for now. But I agree- might need to upgrade my exhaust fan. I can always use the bigger one as an intake


You know boys thats smart! @Rugar89 @Ray4x I did the same thing on my first grow. And didn’t even think to say that to you guys. No need to use the filter until you start getting some smell!


Changed my lights from 18/6 to 16/8 today. Also did some LST to the girls and pulled down their main shoots. After only 4 hours they turned back up to the light. It’s like a bonsai tree!! Also my White Widow bean sprouted yesterday! We now got 4 girls in the tent- one of her round leaves broke off in sprout but she seems to still be growing so we will see how she does.

The round leaves are starting to yellow and follow of the older girls. Does that mean it’s time for nutes?

Shirley (Fimmed and LST):

Bobbi (Fimmed and LST):

Wanda (Topped and LST):

White Widow (she doesn’t have a name yet):

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Sorry anybody I missed.


Yep, basically on the yellow dicotyledons. What are you going to be using?

One of your girls leaves are touching the soil and if you have nutrients in the soil it will burn their leaves, just a heads up. Maybe the LST took her over like that? If so she will straighten out

@Ray4x Looking good!



Have you checked your PPM run off?
Mine is still on the high side. No nutes needed yet with FFOF.
Both of mine have lost their feeder leaves.

Ordered new PH/TDS meter today. I will hold off on adding anything until new meter arrives and I can get some consistent and hopefully reliable numbers.


Off to a great start


I checked ppm on watering the other day. I figured since their feeder leaves fell it was them telling me they’re ready for nutes so I’m going for it on next watering.

I’m using the GH flora line. Going to start slow with 1/4 strength for now.


Ok @Ray4x But I’m gonna recommend you only give water and that you check the TDS of your runoff.

if you feed and water to runoff and that you test the TDS of that runoff it could be off the chart and your cannabis could suffer nutrient burn.

If you decide to continue go in low like you said!


What Ppm would be considered a good time to start?



Your FFOF should give them plenty of nutes for the next month or so with out adding any.


Depends on which brand of nutrients you are going to use and what week you are on the feeding chart.
For example the FF Chart calls for about 1900-2100 PPM in the last weeks of veg and first part of flowering.

FF soil products are probably good to about 1500 - 2000 ppm if you don’t flush out all of the nutrients. They generally hold that PPM out to 6-8 weeks or so, All depends, every MJ Girl is different. YMMV!


@bob31 @Rugar89

Ok I’ll probably hold off then for another 2 watering or so.

When I do decide to add the nutes. I just mix all 3 together in a gallon of water and then ph it right?


Just looked at the GH chart, and it sure is confusing. Those PPM numbers they give sure are low. But you shouldn’t need Bloom until flowering. But not according to their feeding schedule.

You might want to tag someone using that line of nutes.


@Bobbi is using the GH trio and she has had no issues. She went by the PPM and all and has had a great looking grow!