Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


@Ray4x 3 weeks old ?



Yeah 3 weeks tomorrow from sprout.


evening update 7/5
First watering in new pots - Start of week 4

So today was my first watering in their new pots. Watering going in was 6.6-6.7 for all three (I was using distilled water because that is what came in the gallon jugs I bought). Runoff was between 6.0 and 6.2 and PPM was between 1900-2200. Are those good ranges to be in without any nutrients?

I also attempted to fim 2 of them… had an accident in trying to fim the second and chopped off a leaf- I’m assuming that shouldnt be a big deal at this point?

Shirley (fimmed):

Bobbi (fimmed and chopped lead):

Wanda (no work done yet… want to see how the other 2 respond):

Group shot:

Let me know your thoughts gang!

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Top shelf brotha


Also has anybody ever had issues with their carbon filter getting kinda clogged up? I noticed earlier my exhaust was coming out much weaker than it was yesterday. I took apart my whole exhaust system to find that it runs fine until I reattach the carbon filter and then it loses a bunch of power. I started running a humidifier in the tent about 5 days ago with hard water and it is directly underneath the filter. I’m wondering if that has somehow clogged up the filter. Any help is appreciated.

@Countryboyjvd1971 - you’re my hvac man so I’m hoping you can help


@Ray4x any tips on how your exiting your tent temps other than fans


Are you in Ocean Forest? If you are, I’m finding that low to mid 7s with tap water going in puts me close in range for PH out. The out PPM will go down a little after a few watering’s to run off. I’m sure we are probably getting the same tap water.

I started having the same issue with my exhaust fan a few days ago. I’m now loosing neg. pressure in my rent. These inline booster fans don’t seem to be cutting it now that the carbon filter is getting restricted a little. With the filter disconnected the fan is loud as hell. Need to get a speed controller for it to slow it down to run without the filter. Now wish I would have spent the extra on the good exhaust fan.

When I set my next tent up (already thinking about another one LOL), I will get the good exhaust fan with a speed controller, and not hook the filter into the system until the girls start to stink. Really no reason for a filter until then. This way these expensive ass filters will last a lot longer.


Yeah I’m concerned that it’s more about the filter and not the fan.

I’m thinking about putting a prefilter on a duct and running my inline without the filter for now. I’m wondering if there’s a way to clean the filter somehow? Like maybe it’s the prefilter that is blocked up? I didn’t check that



My pre filter is white, and I can already see it getting darker in color. I leave my tent open most of the time when the lights are on, and my wife and I both smoke. I’m sure that’s what my problem is,

Im sure if we had the 400 cfm exhaust fan we wouldn’t be having a problem



You can buy a new prefilter for it! If the filter is clogged up a 800 CFM fan wouldn’t make a difference because it could only pull the same amount of air through right?


Or take it off and wash it. Its just foam if were talking about the same thing.


This is when it was new. Its a little darker now but not to much. I still think its these cheap booster fans. They just are not made to handle what we are trying to use them for. I’m going to get a good exhaust fan when I have the extra cash to do so, and use this one for a intake in another tent at some point.


Yeah same filter. Mine is the 4" though. I think you have the 6"… I’ll have to experiment tomorrow with the pre filter off and see how it runs.


The pre-filter is just a wrap for the filter. I would remove the pre-filter and see if there is any difference, though I wouldn’t expect it to be. Your pre-filter looks reasonably clean to me @Ray4x You may have an issue with your filter, how old is it?


@Ray4x what type of humidifier are you using ? Does it have a mist /fog


@bob31 The filter is only 3 weeks old.

@Countryboyjvd1971 yes the humidifier has a mist


I will say there’s your problem it’s reacting with the carbon in the filter and probably making it hard so air can’t pass through I’ve spoke to other where this happened as well those type of humidifiers will cause a white dust that clogs the filter ? Impurities in the water
I don’t use one with a visible fog
I use what’s called a evaporative wick type humidifier it puts moisture in air but doesn’t have that vapor

I have the one on the right I run it outside mybtentvand have moist airnpulled into tents
Do you have removable flanges on the filter you know if you do if it has screws in the end cap
If so take it apart and flip it around see if that helps out any you may need to buy a new filter



Thanks for the help!

Yeah I believe that it is reversible- I can take a look at it today. I also emailed the manufacturer and I’m going to see what they say. Maybe they will send me a new one :man_shrugging:


@Ray4x… I think all is ok, just runoff should be a little higher IMHO… I’ve been using distilled water, FFOF and been having really low runoff… Like 5.8/ 5.9… Next time you water maybe start a little higher on ph and try to aim for 6.4-6.6 runoff… All nutrients can be absorbed at those levels


My statement applies to soil grow, not sure of your medium but thought your ph in was suggesting your in soil?? I should never assume, my apologies