Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


Yeah bro…Okay this place is the bees knees man👌



Like @Rugar89 said- if you buy from ILGM they have guaranteed delivery. So if your package gets seized then they will resend your order. Pretty sweet deal! I order White Widow seeds from them and received them in a little over 2 weeks.


That’s what I was worried about if it gets seized haven’t heard anything regarding that.



Just for future reference:
(I can’t seem to get the link here)

But if you go to then go to seeds. The policy is laid out there and you can browse the awesome strains.


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@Ray4x are you going to do a scrog?



Im certainly thinking about it. I’ll have 4 plants in a 4x4 tent. So I feel like that will be the most efficient use of my space.


Ok so the baby girls are in their forever homes (5 gal smart pots with FFOF).

Added some mykos into the soil and sprinkled some Azos in the transplant hole. Watered them with about 6 cups of ph 7.5 water with no runoff. Now let’s hope and pray for no transplant shock! They all seem to have strong root systems going!!

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I’m thinking someone is going to suggest you drop your ph to the 6.2 to 6.7 range . Personally unless I have a issue with it I try stay at 6.4 . They are looking good



The first time I watered in the FFOF at 6.5 the runoff came out at 5.7 or so. Isn’t that too low for a runoff? People suggested to keep it at the 7.5 for now with no nutes.


Did you test your runoff this time? @Ray4x

If you are going in at other than 6.5 you need to check your runoff so you can tweak the pH of water in.

I switched to happy frog because of the pH issues



I don’t know how to copy in previous posts but @Countryboyjvd1971 in post 160 suggested keeping my pH up for now since my last runoff was 5.5…

I didn’t water enough for a runoff this time but will next time and I’ll let you know.


Cool I never check my runoff unless I start to have a issue then it is the first thing I do . Good luck definitely follow the advice your already taking as I just sort of stumble from one grow to the next like a drunk sailor



In a couple of days I’m going to water to runoff so I can get a baseline of where I am and then adjust accordingly.

Like I said before- I like your style! Haha


Ok it’s really important to water to runoff and check the pH if you aren’t right on the button. You don’t want to put in a high pH like that without checking runoff or you’ll wind up with worse problems!

Sounds like youre on it now! Lol. Make sure they dry out good in between watering!


Thanks @bob31!

Yeah I didn’t want to overwater on their transplant day- but next watering will be to runoff and that will give us a baseline to go off. Thanks for all the help! I appreciate your support


When I water after they get into veg it usually always has runoff and I think I may have checked ph possibly 4 or 5 times in 3 grows so I guess I am just lucky . Thats okay I’m good with lucky . Damn it now I have to check my runoff tomorrow.