Rookie grow- the adventure begins!


Lol pretty much why I needed a little time off which didnt happen, I just have to be a tough sport for a couple more days until pay day comes than that was the plan brother. Which so far all else considering Ive roughed it out since yesterday around 4 or 5 lol just got no sleep because of the pain



Stay medicated. Hope you get well soon brother


Im working on it lol i cant even really afford a day off from my day job its power through and ignore it as best as possible



Well, if it doesn’t improve in a couple of days or starts to get worse don’t hesitate to go to a clinic. Seriously. If you get some kind of internal bleeding and it’s not taken care of then, well…

Take it easy and be well.


You’re a trooper. Gotta do what you gotta do though.


Certainly both of you fellas have a good night I still got a few hours left at work



I woke up so late today and then took another two hour nap that I can’t sleep so I just made up a hot chai like tea with a handful of the sugar leaves I trimmed off last night and I can feel it kicking in. It’s a Planet of the Apes Marathon tonight…perfect.

Be well and stay in touch.


Take care @Majiktoker, I just read of your injury…get well, soon, all of your injuries sound painful…rest well when you can.

@Ray4x when to start feeding your plants if using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil…that is a good question…so many variables…
personal choice, you want to start feeding during early vegetation or wait till flowering, it could depend on how long you keep her in the vegetative state
the plants are growing quickly, eating more or growing slowly, eating less
you water with extra run off, you wash the nutrients out early
you water without a lot of run off, nutes last longer

I was comfortable waiting till my plants were beginning to flower before starting nutrients…
@Countryboyjvd1971 started in early vegetation like others…
some people on the forum have had successful grows never adding extra nutrients with FFOF…

Now that’s cleared up…

I would wait a month to 6 weeks before using fertilizer, watch your plants grow, start with a half strength mix of nutrients and look for healthy growth, report problems here, with photos (not with grow light illumination).

FloraSeries Drain-to-Waste


Thanks for the awesome info @kabongster

I’ll probably keep and eye on Runoff PPM right now as well as the plant itself. If I see the PPM dropping or the plants looking like they need something then I’ll probably start.

I got some asos and mykos to add in to their new pots for transplant. I’m hoping that will help with root development.



What is asos?


Holly cow @Majiktoker get well soon I just noticed the post
Dam bro :+1::v:️ If I was closer I’d help you out with meds my friend
:v:️:cowboy_hat_face: John


Azos goes along with mycos, for explosive root growth,the Azos is actually volcanic rock dust,I think?
Thanks @Ray4x I was describing azomite instead



Sorry I misspelled it. It’s Azos… from the same maker as Mykos. Here is the amazon link so you can read about it. @Oldstoner says he uses both in conjunction. Mykos mixed in the soil and Azos sprinkled into the transplant hole so it goes directly on the roots.


No wonder I couldn’t find any info on it! LOL

Thanks for the link!


yeah guys I do use it every time I do anything with the soil Mykos goes in with a little Azos and my roots this grow have had them at every transplant and the water I soaked the seeds in had a little . The first picture is where the main tap root was growing over and around the stalk . My 5 gal fabric pots are pretty much full of roots . This is how they look this morning and they were germinated half way through april so they are about 10 weeks from seed . <



Your journal is what sold me on it. Can’t argue with results haha


Yeah man but always check with a more experienced grower like @Hogmaster or @Niala or @latewood because I am still a new grower and have a tendency to squirrel like a hound dog . I will see something that looks cool and take off down the trail after it . But I only grow for me and have had a couple of nice yields so if I loose a plant or two due to stupidity it will not be a catastrophe as I have enough stash last a grow . Please do not take what I do as coming form experience it xomes from curiosity.



Yeah I’m with you on that. I’ve been doing some research on the mykos and Azos and they seem like a solid move. My next debate is if I want to attempt a scrog or not.

With 3 plants going in the 4x4 (and a new WW seed just dropped yesterday out of curiosity- 4 seems to be a better number)- I feel like it will be the best use of my space.


All my stuff say friday didn’t buy seeds this time tho, I went way over budget way!!! With that what happens if your package get taken?


Package as in seeds from ILGM? If so they have guaranteed delivery.