Rogue plant in the woods

Hi folks. I put my strawberry banana into the forest.

Saw how she was doing today and this was the result. She’s just started flowering.

How long until you think she’s ready? I can’t check on her that often so ideally the next time I see her she’ll be ready for the chop. I think another 6 weeks?



Between 6 to 8 would be my best guess brother🥴

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Beautiful tho

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@Oldschool82 thanks! And the cold won’t be a problem? 6-8 weeks from now will be November which is usually quite cold in the UK

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Yeah I had aight frost mo day morning, my outdoor plants were not keen lok

The last pic is how good they looked during last week’s sun, I’m guessing some of the purple could be cold shock, although the Gorilla Zkittles do seem to go purple in flower anyway


looks great @Jimmygti will look into frost and how the plant handles this. :+1:

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Sorry I have no answer on that I live by the gulf of mexico, hardly ever cold hope you find out :woozy_face:

If it’s in the ground it won’t make it unless the weather stay good. You’ll probably have to chop it early. If you had it in a pot you could move it inside and out. Good luck next year use a fabric pot and move it. I wonder why it hasn’t started to flower till now.

They make a product called tree teepee that is like a dome that goes on the base of a tree that protects nursery trees roots from cold weather. I wonder if it could protect cannibus roots if a plant went a couple weeks into the frost?

@Kevfrmthestl it’s in a pot thankfully. heard good things about fabric pots. Keep in mind next time

Had an unexpected heavy frost just recently - it wiped out my some of my garden plants (tomatoes) but my photos and autos, which were outside in pots, are OK.

Move it inside when the temps dip if you can.

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Mine look like this today, bud sites still look good and buds are still getting bigger, I may start moving them indoors at night to miss any morning frost


@Jimmygti @Oldschool82 @Kevfrmthestl @TommyG Hi folks - I checked in on her today and it wasn’t great - she fell over so barely any buds grew.
How quickly can a plant pack on bud? I’ve propped her up so she shouldn’t fall. Could she pack on size in a week or so?


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I wouldn’t get my hopes up dear, being outside ,alot of bad things happen ,but keep trying

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I would cut your losses and harvest. It’s not going to bulk up anymore.

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Damn that’s a shame, I ended up sacrificing 3 outdoors to the weather. I managed to save the biggest one by bringing it indoors though. Weather has been exceptionally wet lately even by British standards.

That’s my lone survivor