Roger.Tests Spider Farmer SF2000

Hello everyone. I recently received a Spider Farmer SF2000 LED designed for a 2’x4’ grow Tent. I also received the tent and I am debating whether or not to use the tent. I am starting a couple ILGM Gelato beans tonight. \

So; Here is a couple piks of the lighting fixture and accessories. If any of you all are using any Dpider Farmer LED lights, I invite you to post a link to “your” topic showing your SF grow.

ENJOY Back in a couple days when seeds pop. :slight_smile:


And; No, I am not sure what the ethernet cable is for…Yet!


The Ethernet cable is meant for linking multiple lights. One dimmer, 2 lights… When you say received (more than once) it sounds like they sent it to you, for free. Did you pay for it, or is this a sponsored run? Just curious. The sf2000 would do better in a 2x3, but can still manage in a 2x4


Oh…Duh…LOL I did know that. thanks so much. :slight_smile:

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Here is the tent I received.

Looks pretty nice. I iwll probably set it up and give it a spin.

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Spider farmer is actually pretty decent I have a tent and 4-5 of their lights. Again, I’m curious… did you pay for it?? The “received” word makes me think sponsored. Either way. It WILL give you a healthy yield. :sunglasses:

4.5 is exceeding the coverage, but you could flower a couple decent plants.


Exactly my plan. I have not decided for sure, but the 2nd plant is probably going to be a 5g bubbler using Bergman’s Nutrient system

I am not as worried about coverage in a tent as much as if it were just in my room.


Hello @Roger.Tests I have a couple sf2000 and a 4x4 sf tent I later bought a sf7000 (big mistake but a long story) and moved the 2000s into 2 2x4s they’re off brand but decent. I do like the sf people they’ve always been very helpful. They are in the process of upgrading all of their equipment…
Anyway I’m set to watch I have my 🧋🍿


Set to follow :love_you_gesture:


Interesting stuff. Spider Farmer has come a long way with their SF series. They look like decent lights.


Well well. Good to see you here. I am excited about doing a new grow with new equipment. I have only experimented with small LED lights in order to help new growers who were buying them cheaply. This is my 1st LED grow, as I have always used HID.

Seeds were started lastnight, and usually I get sprouts within 2 days using ILGM seeds.

See you all around.


Once again; I must say…I hate tents. :smiley: At least building them. I think this tent will do for the review and testing of products and the simple grow I am going to do.

I set up the tent and now I am dying over a Corona… It is 55" x 28". That is badass for an advertised 2 x 4 tent. Most are smaller. Anyway; This made the space I cleared too tight. I am going to have to rearrange and/or remove 2 storage bins abd my 4x4 tent frame, somewhere else, because I cannot walk past my portable AC unit. Either way. the Spider Farmer 2x4.5" tent is set up. I do like the idea of 4 extra inches. Thart will give the plants more space and airflow in the long tun.

Let me see if I can get you some piks.

I iwll replace these piks once I make more room. These just don’t cut it. Proof that tent is up.

I might add the light tonight, but moving all my stored grow lights and chit’man…might take the wind out of me for the night. 20 years ago I would work all night and still be ready to go. Tasmanian Devil style. Now I can only do that for a couple minutes. :crazy_face:


So, I managed to hang my SD2000, but I did have an issue and had to fabticate a way to use the hangers by weap Romex aroung the long roof brace. The hangers in the light box were not big enough diameter to fit around the braces or frame pieces.

Piks to follow once I make enough room to move around in the room.

Man this little sucker is bright!!! I never expected it to be so bright I had to keep from looking directly at the LED’s.


I want to apologize to Spider Farmer for attempting to do more than one product test in this review of you AF2000 LED.

I decided to just start over, and ocncentrate on the light.

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Here we go!

Seeds started. 4 Durban Poiosn and 4 Gold Leaf. Started in 1.5" eockwool cubes. Almost fool proof.

Here is how I start my seeds in rockwool 1.5" cubes for small home grows.

I take one of these food grade containers, and although I can fit 12 cubes in this vessel, I limit to 8. you could do 1 or 2-3-4…

soak the rW cubes, and drain excess. I like to use warn water from ny well. 6.9ph, 220 ppm.

Now 2 days later. Here is the simple truth.

I have a heatin matt on top of 2 cinder blocks under the SF2000 just a light turn above low power. 2 day in, and we have some nice progress on our seedlings.

I have my new T5 and I am debating on whether to nuture the seedlings with the T5 which is just perfect everytine, ro try to use the LED which I have never used for propagation and seedlings, as I have always built and used HID.

I think I am going to use the T5 for a couple weeks, just to make sure I get a good grow in ofr Spier Farmer or, Maybe I will place a couple to one side using the sF2000 and a side by side with the T5. hmmm…


So here is my little 8 cube tray with a lot of popping going on.

We should have all popped by tomorrow.

FYI. this has nothing to do with the light but, I allow these to dry little by little over about 3 days. Tomoorow, I iwll add an 1/8" of water to allow the rockwool cubes to remian moist as I will add a fan as soon as 6 or so pop, in order to strengthen the stem.

Here we go. Please keep chat to a minimum. Thanks for following Roger.tests_001 Spider Farmer SF2000


These photos are from Tuesday night. Like I said; 8 out of 8, using my tried and true rockwool method, and now under T5’s

We will move them from under the T5 and use the SF2000 once they get a good root hold. 5-4 alternating nodes. Enjoy.

8 of 8 popped. (foolproof)
Zkittlez in the front row ~ Gold leaf in the back row.

I just hung the T5 on the SF2000 to make life easier.

A look down over the lT5 and tray

T5 placed 1.5" above top of seedlings


Nice Roger, 8 for 8 :love_you_gesture:

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I have found over 20 years that fi you drench a rockwoll 1.5" cube, drop a seed into it, pull off a little piece of the corner to force the seed to make an effort; It works everytime. Thanks.


p.s. You should them today. :slight_smile: Looking good. I cannot wait to get them planted once they are ready.

Going to once again use Bergman’s fertilizer.

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