Rockwool cubes smell musky

hey so I soaked the rockwool in 5.5 ro water for a few minutes, planted the seeds unsoaked, then put the cubes in a zip lock bag, its about 3 days since I did this and now there’s a musky smell… i think i may have over watered them a bit and dont think i left a big enough air hole on the zipper of the bag.

My question is… is it normal for there to be a mildew/musky smell? Or are these seeds pretty much done? I’m tempted to cut one open and see but I also want to be patient in hopes they pop their heads…

I took them out of the bag and am just going to keep them moist through out the day… I might just be paranoid but ya know how that goes! Thanks for any help!

I’ve had that smell in my clone tray I use rockwool more than likely from over soaking the rockwool, shouldn’t be too big of a deal watch out mold and things of that madder should be fine