Rockwool cubes falling apart?

My rockwool cube containing my seedling is falling apart from overhandling im assuming. i just buried itg in the clay pebbles. Is this an issue or can i just leave it be.

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As long as your roots are not damaged your good.
I’d make sure to put some root stimulant on them and keep them moist until they breach the net pots.
I keep my water line in buckets up to the bottom 1 inch in the net pots until roots reach the water.
I use Hydroguard with my DWC hydroponics.

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@LateNightGardner is that 2 separate plants? If not how do you transfer to the larger base thing?

Yes, two separate plants. Big one is the mother and small one is a clone.
I hold the small clone over the net pot and cover with those clay balls. Exposing the top part of the rockwool plug so the plant gets harden off at the base.

Mothers finishing


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