Rockwool, clones and marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m about to get started. I’m wondering if I should plant clones with extra Rockwool into my hydroponic system, or just start with teens. Also, if I added extra Rockwool around a clone, then put it into a hydroponic pot, would I need to remove that Rockwool as the plan grows?

You don’t need to remove the rockwool. The roots grow right out of it. If you plant clones in rockwool I advise to get a good root structure first. I cloned my plants, put them in rockwool, put them inside of a plastic zip lock bag with a bit of extra water visible at the bottom, and placed them inside the bottom of the light box I made that already had larger plants in it. I cloned twice the amount I wanted just to be sure I would have at least some success, and all of them did great. Now I have too many plants.

I did keep the zip lock bag sealed for the first few days (I puffed it up by breathing into it), then opened it for a day, and kept that process going for about a week before leaving it open for good. All of the roots were very strong and grew quickly. Hope this helps and good luck!

P.S. Don’t forget the root powder before you put the clones in the rockwool!

I eprsoanlly like to take a cutting and dip it ina root hormoen, stick it in a soaked rockwoll cube, and let it root. I also like no wily, or a product by Miracle grow called, leaf shine…Same thing. a Waxy coating that allow the plat to say erect while rooting, without wilting. :slight_smile: