Rocks in soil? Have you done it?

Hello again. Thank you all for being so suportive. My babies are just sprouting. Im thinking ahead for when i transport them. I will be using A Pot For Pot soil and products (tell me if im missing something). I was thinking about using small pebbles mixed in with the soil for better hydration and aeration. I did research and can’t find a definitive answer eather way. Will be adding earthwarms and castings. What are your ideas? Thanks.

  • Newbie who has spent a year on a lot of research but am now just now growing

Pic is 9:00am 7/13/22. 2 day old sprouts. Granddaddy Purple.


From my understanding some growers put a layer of pebbles in the bottom of their pots. You can mix some perlite to your soil for better drainage.


I say what @Deepsix says, use some perlite for aeration. I’m not sure what all is in the grow kit. Do you know the specifics on the grow mix?
It should have some type of peat or coco coir to capture water. If not I’d look to add some peat or coco to hold water. The rocks helps your plants from drowning a by leaving space for O2.

Those peat starter pots dont always breakdown fast enough or let roots through like you want. Some have no trouble with them but others find the plant gets rootbound in them.
Might consider transplanting out of them when time comes. Cut the sides off and plant the dirt ball.


@Spiney_norman I poked holes at the bottom of them. I also use a toothpick to poke holes in the sides. Trying to help “deteriorate” it for transpot into 5gal fabric pot. Thanks😉

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That will work.’
Just give the roots plenty of spots to break thru.

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@LateNightGardner I am trying to be as “Organic” as possible. Im going to use earthwrms for aeration. Hoping pebbles will help with that and moisture controll. :wink:

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Wondering why not just use perlite.
Its a natural product no different than rocks other than the exact mineral composition.
Expanded volcanic material. It holds a lot of water and helps roots by keeping the soil loose.

I would definitely peel off those pots when transplanting. You dont want the roots to have any reason not to spread out.

I’ve found from past experience that the pebbles only help at the bottom of the pot. I’ve tried mixing it in the soil and you would have to mix so much in…I thought better of that and went to 30-40% perlite. It gave me perfect drainage in ocean forest soil @Atdoughboy