Rock wool too high on the main stem2

I am on my second grow I just found this forum so please don’t hold this against me I have short Rider Autoflower feminized I popped the beans so they went into Pro mix they were doing all right for a while what I found my last grow is at I planted it to Shallow and they tended to fall over so what I did in the Solo Cup was only went half way with the Pro mix and as it grew up out of the cup I added more promix just so it would be sturdier could that have contributed any to it’s stunted growth I decided to go soil this time just to try it out because I noticed a lot of people have been doing that 3 weeks in only 2in above the soil it was so I wanted to see if I could have it play catch-up so I went back to hydro very carefully scooping the complete root out very gingerly taking the soil off submerging it in water to wash off as much as I could and this is another question instead of putting the roots in the rockwool cube I put the rockwool cubes around the main stalk and left the roots exposed and then added it to the cup and adding the clay Pebbles is it possible that not putting the roots in the rockwool cube could affect it’s growth so basically what I have is the leaves

nd then the stem with the rockwool cube around it and then the roots exposed it’s been in Hydro for 2 days now it’s looking good it’s green look like new leaves are coming but it looks like it’s going slow is it possible to have too much of your plant under the growing medium does that affect the growth at all I added a photo of my last grow I will so proud of myself you guys probably will think it’s nothing but for me this come from Three Little Seeds was amazing smokes not bad either is it normal for that short Rider with three plants to come out with a cured weight of 34 grams after me being so chatty I guess basically the question that I have is is it possible to bury your seedlings too far in the growing medium! !
And as you can see my temperature was a little high at 83 and I waited too long to harvest because I got a lot of foxtails and that’s probably why after reading this forum I found out I probably ended up with seeds but that’s okay I got extra seeds 20170903_151018|281x500nd by the way I was using CFL so it is possible to grow with CFL having said that my 300 watt LED is coming today I’m hoping that’s going to make a difference any tips or tricks from you more experienced Growers would be greatly appreciated

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My guess is they are working on root zone be patient and give them a few days they should take off
@Chefchino nice bud pic :+1:

If too much of the plant is submerged then it will definitely cause problems ,stem rot dampening off,even death

I think I’m going to readjust it I was just trying to put as much of it down as possible because the last grow it was really top-heavy

Thanks for the reply

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Thanks for the reply man I think I’m going to readjust it and bring it up a little bit it’s just that the last grow I only had the roots in the rock wool and it was really top-heavy

I have a 300 watt VIPARSPECTRA how far would you keep away from your 4 inch plants

I installed it last night just got it I was reading 84° with my CFLs now it’s reading 88° I was wondering I thought led is supposed to run cooler

For a new sprout a 300w should be at least 24in if not 28 in away

Sorry @Chefchino just saw the tag
I would set it at least 24 inches away and see how the girls react if they streach to much move it closer
Also @Nug-bug did pick up on the fact you may need to get more soil in cups next time ?

That’s cool man I just appreciate the reply I put it a little more than 2 feet away and the thermometer was reading 88 degrees so I had to move it right away right now it’s a little more than three feet and it’s 81 degrees I can’t get my humidity up it’s only like 47% and one question the lower leaves being yellow is that nutes burn

I have some new stuff coming that I definitely don’t want to mess up would you suggest after those beans pop going right into rockwool or soil then rockwool

@Countryboyjvd1971 I read somewhere on this forum that the net pots are not supposed to be totally submerged true or false please advise I thought the more submerged they were the more nutes they would get

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug the first picture was when everything was totally submerged I split everything up a little bit the first one also had CFL now I’m running LED and I raise the lights and the difference in time is the first picture is October 2nd the second picture is October 13th and the difference in time in the first picture is October 2nd and 2nd pictures October 13th it is growing like gangbusters now thanks for all your help I have another question with autoflowers (((what determines flowering size or age???))) Because mine got stunted a little bit so I’m wondering is it going to have a little time to at least have a decent height before it starts flowering additionally I started out in a Solo Cup then I went to a 1 gallon fabric pot and then ultimately back to what I started with which was Hydro I’m Hydro for life now thanks in advance


I think your plants are doing fine, what you might want to do is cover the plastic bin with foil or some plastic dip, so light don’t shine thru the water and cause algae growth on roots.

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But those were first planted in Solo Cup on August 31st I’m thinking they should be bigger than that now but I will definitely cover that with some plastic like you suggested the good idea to prevent any algae growth I usually change the RO water every two weeks thanks for replying man

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But do you know the answer to that question with Autoflower is flowering determined by age or size

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I’m not a hydro guy but to my knowledge not supposed to be submerged roots will grow towards water @ktreez420 and @Donaldj are the two I would ask about hydro


Autoflowers flower automatically don’t need specific light schedule. Keep them on 18hrs on 6hrs lights off, and your good to go.