Robmin1973 grow 2018


Out of likes, awesome! Did you use a domestic bank?


2 - Mickey Kush F2
2 - Casey Jones x Lemon Kush

2 - Thai OG

2 - Pink Kush F2

2 - (Critical Kush x Monster Cookies) x Colossus

2 - Bushman Kush S1

2 - DFOG F1 - delta force x OG kush

2 - Delta Force - Satori x Skywalker OGyes found one that could run the card finally. The strains are hybrids. Not all are gauranteed fem but two packs are. Cigure ill start with those forst. They gave me some free autoflower stuff too. Cant post name but…they really good guys.


On a side note i found out i have a friend with a brother that grows commercial and he will seed beans too. So i shud be set on that.


I use advanced nutrients with coco coir and I like the simplicity. I do notice a bit more nutrients being used but no ph meter and the base nutrients from that company are very reasonably priced. I havent noticed a faster growing plant but they definatly get lush and bushy. I add nftg at .25 dose during flower and that plus bud candy and big bud and I’m pretty happy with how everything has turned out so far


Win bro. I too look for the simplicity. I was going to ask what type of water do you feed the plants during the non nute feedings? Do you ph tap water? That is the only thing confusing me about the auto ph. The first watering has no nutes, so how do you avoid shock i guess u wud call it?


Tent comes today. Going to do a full bleaching of the room and setup almost all today. Still waiting on the lights a d beans. Pick up soil and pots from dro shop this weekend.


I have a ro water filter and a 20 gal storage tank
My set up is a bit over kill actually but was built in stages
My water is triple filtered and passes through a uv light then goes threw a water softener and finally reaches my ro filter system which i use for drinking and feeding my plants
I have 370 ppm before my ro filter and ppm is 30 ppm after last check
Here one similar to mine

Here a larger storage tank if you want

I will suggest you get a larger tank if going this way it takes a while to filter water threw one of theses systems
Check prices on these tho i just posted above for reference


Have one quite similar to that do recommend tank upgrade for sure mine is 3 Gal and way too small takes me hours to gather enough water so tend to only use for flushes and starting plants


Exactly what i found out @Donaldj
So i went and got a 20 gal tank :+1: problem solved lol i still collect the ro water into 5 gal water jugs and store between uses i keep 4 on hand so 20 in jugs and another 14 in storage tank i now have enough to do what ever i need to
Before i fot the larger storage tank i would have to collect two gals at a time until i filled up jugs spent more time collecting water then anything else


My tapwater is far better than when I lived in town bought the RO unit before I tested water since I was plumbing my new house at the time. At 100-120ppm and 6.9-7.3 ph even was pretty decent I also harvest rain water but get snow more than rain lmao.


Yeah i have super hard water at my place which is why i went with all this filtration lol
I can almost feed then wit out nutrients lol at 370 ppm lol


ppm wasn’t quite that bad in town 220 ish but ph was 9+ and very hard to adjust


9 is high wow yeah my ph is 7 7-.5 normally


I was buying ph down by the Gal it would take 15-20ml to get into range per 4gal and I had 40+ plants at the time 15-20g per watering every 3-4 days lmao. Now it’s more like 4ml depending on my target ppm many times don’t need to adjust nutes do it


I did see thoae ro systems when doing reseach. The larger reserve makes total sense. Im thinking about just buying water cooler jugs for my first grow. After seeing how annoying that might be thwn i will invwst the tent. Ill make and put a review about the setup easelol.


I just refill 1 gallon jugs. Refills go to the back to let the chlorine evaporate. Jugs in the front are ready for nutes and PHing.


After putting together the vivosun tent, i would ssy its better with two people. Hanging the fan carbon filter with exhaust was annoying. The cross bars slip from the pole when trying to hang the bars. With some jelp from the wife we got it done. Lights artivre earsly next week. Ill put the intake fan in tonight. The apollo speed contols work nice. Ipoer fan humms but not toi loud.


The 4x4 space def is small so i may pock up a veg tent during my first grow.


That hum you’ll see a lot with speed control on ac fans.


Sweet if you have the room i say go with a second tent set up for veg and one for flower
Or something like that
@dbrn32 nailed it when using speed controllers with line voltage motors you will hear a little hum this is caused by the frequency being changed but it no big deal just a little annoying and should go away at full speed