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Must be overseas


Yes I’m in the sunshine state of the world Florida


So the next problem, water for my nutes and non nutes feedings. Looking at ro systems sucks. Too expensive and looks complicated. Rather not buy distilled so i went to the internet and found an idea that would make sense. Wondering if anyone tried it. Diy ro guy says u really dont need ro water but u do need filtered water. This guy noticed a mr clean auto dry system has a filter that promises no water marks when left to dry. He tested the water and its almost pure. Dont have his test numbers but they were good. This hose nossel only costs 20 bucks and has cheap replacement filters. Any opionion with using this idea for my plant feeding water and nute water?



I would get ppm of your tap water before doing anything. Unless it’s ridiculously high you should be fine with that. You’ll just need to find out if you’re on municipal water, if it’s treated with chlorine or chlorimine.


Not sure why that pic posted. Anyway its called the mr clean auto dry car wash system.


Ok thats doable. Cant i call the town for that info?


Looking at the towns report for lead in the tap water its 15ppb says its over the acceptable %. Im no expert with this stuff. I would assume my tap water isnt going to good since the pipes in boston must really old.


Says floride is 1ppm for public drinking water.


Maybe that justifies filtration and/or treatment, not really sure. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I typically bubble my water for a few hours to assist in chlorine evaporation, and that’s it.


Ill start with testing the tap water and proceed from there


I think most of us here just use plain ole tap water. I know a few use a RO system, but I bet the majority do not. I just fill 1 gallon water jugs from the kitchen sink faucet. Just figure your going to need around two per plant depending on what size pots your going to use. Just leave the cap off and let it set 24 to 48 hours to let the chlorine evaporate. The PH of my tap water is usually around 7.5, and my PPM level stays around 320 to 360.

And BTW, the fat milk jugs suck. The water jugs are much better.


first round of stuff. Ha wife setup the pic. Should have all by end of next week.


Ok you are on your way


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It best to have your water tested so you know exactly what in it
if your using city water local water Dept will have it listed on thier web site
If nit local labs can test it and it’s inexpensive
Knowing whats in the water makes a difference
I actually have triple filtered water that goes through a water softener and then f i use a ro system to filter one last time before i feed or water my girls
My ppm is 34 after the ro filter
380 before the filter
May water is super hard so i find best results when using the ro
For one plant buying water is a option when watering 3-4 plants your be spending alot on water imo i have 14 plants going now
I did use just filtered water and the plants didnt mind at all but as stated i have well water
It just easier to control what the plants get using the ro filter they only get what i give them no guessing


I cant argue that. Do you use a ro system or one of these pitchers.


Finally found a good bean shop. Got a bunch of diff stuff coming. Tent comes tomorrow. Should be germinating soon.