Robmin1973 grow 2018


@Robmin1973, That’s right.


Or… it’s a fact, I seen it on the internet. Or the evening news for that matter lol.


Sovi called adv nutients regarding the confusing directions. I was told that the advanced nutrients do not need to be ph’d. They say the way their nutrients are made allows the plant to still flourish with just about any ph btwn 4-8. Hmmmmmmmmm


They said normally a plant needs a certain ph depending on medium but with their nutrients it isnt a concern because(insert complicated explanation). Again hmmmm


I’ve run 6 to 8 plants with an ph perfect trio and never had an issue and have never checked ph or tds when I feed.
Those were either hydro or soilless


Anyone recommend an hps light setups i cud consider. The de ones im lookking at for a 5x5. Yea still undecided.


I believe gavita is the first name de hps.


Yea i saw some nice ones from gavita and sun systems.


Ok i clicked send today. Got a hot mess coming to me from amazon, ilgm, gyo boston and hlg. Def stressful dropping so much loot but i know ill be a happy camper in the future.

A couple of changes. I reduced my grow tent to 4x4 and bought four of the quantums to cover the space. I got two heatsinks with two boards each with room to add another. Two 6in fans and one carbon filter. Using adv nutrients and im trying the gs cookies and gorilla glue 4 to start.

Everything should arrive in the next two weeks. In the mean time, i will set everything up and start working to get the ideal temps and humidity numbers before i start my grow. Gotta head over to the dro shop for soil and domes for seedlings.

Without some of the products that i will buy after setting up im under 1600 which is nice. Reducing to one tent and needing less light saves almost 600. Win. Super excited to get going.


Lights are the horticulture lighting group 260 watt xl qb led kit x2 $750. After a bunch of flip flopping i see the energy savings, heat and light penetration as my final reasons to go with the quantum boards over an led or hps.


There were alot of good led lights and tons of proven hps and mh setups but i wanted to avoid large led lights that can break and cause headaches. The boards can be replaced pretty easy.


Awesome! You’ll have plenty of light with the 4 qb’s, and I wouldn’t expect you have much problems with them for quite some time.

Another thing, use those ideal temp and rh levels as targets. Don’t get too worried about perfect, most of us hover outside of ideal numbers and do just fine. There’s usually a decent gap between ideal and will cause problems.


@dbrn32 bro you have been very patient with my flip flopping and boatloads of questions. Very appreciated the help and advice you have given.


Thanks! I don’t really mind ya know, it’s your money. I’d rather you make sure that you feel you get the best value for it.


Advice helps. Ill do the same once i get a couple of grows in.


Im going to call hlg about this but anyone know the diff btwn a 288 and 304 qb? Obviously there more lights but why would you buy a board with less lights?


The difference in 16 diodes isn’t that much. Light performance levels from one board to the next are almost identical.

The biggest difference between the two boards is how the leds are connected. On the 304 there’s twice as many diodes in each series string and half the amount of parallel strings. I think nominal voltage on them is around 104v and max current is 1400ma. On the 288 boards the series string are only half as long and there’s twice as many parallel strings. So nominal voltage is around 52v and max current is like 3000ma.

In layman’s terms, there’s a lot more driver applications for the 288 boards. It’s actually the newer of the two. It’s easy to look at them as the 304 being better because it has more diodes, but that’s not really the case.


Perfect glad i asked.


Anyone know how long it takes to complete a sale with iglm? I put through my order and did all the hoop jumping but dont see auth on my acct are they overseas? That would explain the delay


I just ordered some seeds on Tuesday got email confirmation they were shipped Wednesday so I’ll say they’ll be here Tuesday Wednesday next week