Robmin1973 grow 2018


ha im the same, shoot email to ceo why start low? lol


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It’s amazing what the right soil can do with your girls. I have not tried coco yet maybe one plant next grow. A friend of mine gave me some mixed soil and said it did wonders for his tomatoes. I grow tomatoes as well but I started thinking why not try some with my new clones. So in the soil two of my rooted clones went. Two weeks went by with no progress. Out of the soil my clones came and the roots had not penetrated the soil from their original peat pellet. It was like the roots were cringing not to go into the soil. Transplanted them into my promix HP and now they are thriving. It’s like they breathed a sigh of relief. Would still like to try Coco though.


Interesting trip the the hydro store. Seemed like the guy didn’t want to talk to me. Oh well, Ill prob by the promix there($56 3.5), rooters and nutes.


That’s disappointing, some are definitely better than others. If you’ve been in there a lot without buying anything perhaps he’s just categorized you as a window shopper. I’d ride it out a little and see how you’re treated after making a purchase or two. If they don’t become more helpful and friendly I’d probably find a new shop or revert back to online shopping.


i’m not worried. I can order from their website and have it delivered to the store which is good and will save a ton in shipping. There were definitely things that i will save money on buying from them. I felt like a cop in there.


HP is High Porosity and what I typically use almost no difference from BX


Is there any reason to have a carbon filter for a seedling tent? Also how many cfm fan i need for a 4x4x7 and 2x4x6 tent ? I’m thinking a 6in for the 4x4x7 and 4in for 2x4x6.


Talking intake outtake fans


No you shouldn’t need a filter for seedlings and most vegging plants. There are few that will let out a slight odor during late veg though.

At bare minimum, you like to exchange air every 2-3 minutes. That being said, around 100 cfm will exchange air once a min in 4x4. And 50 cfm will exchange air once per minute in 2x4. You need to also account a little for amount of duct, bends in duct, and filter. All will drag air movement down a little. I think general consensus is to have a little more cfm than bare minimum, and use speed controllers on all fans to fine tune what you need.


4 more days til i click order. Went with a blue lab ph meter. Hope it will save time and bring confidence. Reduced veg tent fans to 4in. Do you know if the solutions to clean the meter can be any brand or do i have to buy the blue lab one?


I’m not familiar with blue lab, but look for the calibration procedure and get whatever ph solution it recommends. Shouldn’t matter who makes it, as long as it’s the proper ph level.




Not too expensive for the testing and storage solutions


Jeez 2/9 cant come soon enough


Its amazing the taxes we pay out of our hard earned money. With the new tax laws companies are either under or over deducting you paycheck. Take a moment to speak to the irs before you let a company reduce your spendable income just cause they too lazy to get accurate info.

I had my company not take any fed taxes and i pay thw irs directly. Get zero refund but also get a ton more weekly. Kinda off subject but reason i say this cause my bonus is getting abused by taxes which luckly wont screw up my grow setup purchase. Friday i click go and then its go time.


Ok now im really confused. I wanted to use the advanced nutrients grow, bloom and micro. I keep reading that these nutients auto ph balance and i wouldnt need a ph meter. One guy said he tried to change the ph lvl and it just reverts back. Does this mean, as long as i have some nutients in my water that i can be confident of the stated ph value? Jeez this goes against everything ive learned.


I’ve seen mixed reviews on the ph perfect stuff. Some people seem to love it, while others have experienced similar issues to what you’re describing.


@Robmin1973. The only way to be sure is to continuously test the ph. How does it line go? “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see”?


It must be true! I seen it on the internet!