Robmin1973 grow 2018


Look into
Promix BX or promix HP

The hp just has more perilite
I use the bx and it works great :+1:
I get the same bussels for a little less locally
The bails are compressed fyi


I use promix hp and love it @Robmin1973
Bx is good as well as @Countryboyjvd1971 said


@Dieselgrower im actually thinking about going with the hp when i restock
I buy 4-6 bushels a yearvand store at the house
Just finished my last bag up on current grow :+1:


It’s nice. Drains well, but may need to water a littme more frequently


The bx drains just fine imo
Really i have no need try it except for the fact i want to see if theres a difference
If ones a little better then the other all good
Its the same product just more perilite in the hp fir better drainage


Yeah. I’ve used both and they both are great. I think I like the bx better though haha


Any idea what you’re getting from say the professional line vs the standard? I think I’ve come across three different packages of hp.


Actually i had no idea the had a professional line @dbrn32
I’ll be looking into that lol thanks buddy


I can thank you if you don’t mind sharing what you find lol


Wil do bro


I just started using the HP and already notice a difference for the better. Is perlite the only difference between the two? HP has dolimite lime in it as well @Countryboyjvd1971 @Dieselgrower. I’ll list the ingredients in my HP when I get home from work.


To my knowledge yes perilite is the only difference


@Robmin1973 you would be well advised to listen to John (@Countryboyjvd1971). I believe it would benefit you more to see your first grow with good soil and then you can decide. Coco is marvelous stuff but requires daily care.


Promix HP Ingredients


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @Dieselgrower


Amazing all the valuable info. Is there a good watering/nutrients schedule that i can use? Ill take a look at the above in detail when i get home.


Ill have to go local, 225 shipping ouch lol


Grom what im seeing its the same as the bx agian just more perilite @HJL :+1: im going to give the hp a try in the spring
@dbrn32 i have a email into the fune filks at promix asking if theres a difference i went on web site and couldn’t really tell they have so many different problems available once you start looking ill give you a update when i hear back bro


What thats nuts @Robmin1973
I fiund it fir 30 something $ at the local garden center so yeah tey that or Walmart if you have access
Spring is close everyone should be stocking up soon


Awesome thanks! I felt the same way looking at them lol. Never crossed my mind to just fire off email.


Ive found that in most cases they are extremely helpful and I contact mfg all the time
Guess i just got used to doing it
I do it so often in my trade I actually didn’t even think twice not to hahahaha
All good beo ill keep you posted :+1: