Robmin1973 grow 2018


This is the one we use.

It checks TDS, EC, as well as PH


Here is a whole thread on meters.


Hmmmm ill have to go visit the bearded cool guys again at the dro shop again.


Just where I’m at with it. You’d go broke funding entire room there. But throwing them a little bone can pay off. I’m absolutely sure I’ve gotten more worth of samples that I’ve spent there.


If i plan on doing a soil mixture, is there any guide as to the temperature for all stages, feeding cycles along with light times?


You mean like what temperature you want to maintain in your tent?


I was looking for some type of grow guide. I think i found some reading
now. I want to germinate the seeds in water then put in soil. Im looking
for a good soul mix to start and anything i might need when planting the
seed after root pops. Dont thunk ill use the humidity dome. Saw some guy
just put sandwich bag over seedling after watering. Since i really dont
know how to mix my owb soil im looking for direction. Ill find it


Ya, there’s far from one way to do it. I couldn’t possibly go over all the different options if I wanted to lol. If you’re looking to mix your own, perhaps @garrigan65 can direct you to somewhere he’s posted a few recipes. Otherwise a lot of the members seem to use pro mix or fox farms.


@dbrn32 and @Robmin1973

I have just a setup for him everything but but right now I’m at the pain clinic and I should be back around 2 eastern time and I will hook this guy up big-time talk to you guys later bye.



Thatd be great friend. Im worried that if i use a soil mixture im not really sure about i might end overstimulating with nutes. I saw a vid with coco coir that supposed to give the needed sugars.

Im going to do the multi pack photo seeds from the beginner page. Hoping a beginner strain will allow me to try all these diff techniques. I know listen to the noob talking all the big boy stuff. In my life i dont look at fail as a problem, i look at it as a way to improve. Funny as i watch all these grow vids id love to see someone that failed. Everyone got massive buds , so this must be easy right? Ill learn hopefully without losing too much money. My setup is nice but having a really nice car ain’t worth crap if u can’t drive.


Awesome thanks! Knew you would have something.


Got quiet lol one more week feb 9th


Not a bad thing keeps your thread easier to track :wink:


Maybe check local shops and see if they will discount since you are gonna spend wit them… i get up to 50% off on select items, and they sell me select items at same price they got it for or close if they are really high end and expensive… and 25% off the whole order just for supporting them and wearing their apparell in their store… sometimes its better to deal local, most cases everyone gets what they need and is satisfied. First time i met these folks they hooked me up with samples and discounts from the get-go. But like u said, some mom and pop are selling for double msrp… another spot i used to go to before the one i go to now got me for 50 bucks on a cheap yellow 15 dollar amazon ph pen when i first started… they closed shortly after that because prices were through the roof.


Couldn’t agree more!


Illbhead back over to the local place for nutes and maybe potting stuff


Thinking doing a coco coir mix. Have you t4ied that?


No sir, only dirt.

What I know about coco is that people either seem to love it or hate it. It’s the ultimate control, but requires a lot of watering, especially at times when plants get really thirsty. The people who love it tend to use it on flood tables or use automatic drip feeders. Something that kind of gives you that feel of the plants getting what and how much you give them, without being as much work, could be the promix. It’s very popular here, I’m sure @Countryboyjvd1971 or @bob31 could tell you more about it. I don’t really want to give you inaccurate info, sorry.


Im not a fan myself and don’t recommend it for a new grower but if your set on using it
@Robmin1973 you should talk to @Myfriendis410 he uses it and loves it
Best wishes


Ill take your advice if you think its too much for the first go. Maybe ill just add some to the soil mix.