Robmin1973 grow 2018

What would be your suggestions on lightning? My gut says two lights with the top quality would give the best penetration and expand the sweet spot. After thinking about it, I may just go with the tent that has the seperate areas which will reduce the main area. Do you think with that change the light would be able to handle the space? I believe it would reduce the main area to 3x3.

i am going to pick up one of those T5s def, do i need two for seedlings or just one? It also seems that if I was to have the three different areas maybe i should not go with autoflower? Can you clone autoflowers?

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If you’re going with the other tent, you can change things up quite a bit. The optic light is bigger than you’ll need. Can I get back to you a little later though? It’s date night with the wife haha!


Good for you @dbrn32.

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I use apollo tents I have a 4x4 and it’s been great. I also use some smaller tents that are good too just not as big as you are lookin. Glad to have ya around.

i did like the apollo, vivosun, and gorilla tents, ill prob drop the dime and get the secret jardin l160. Gets me a 5lx4wx6h room with two side areas. Should be interesting, the tent i posted before i found out was only 5 ft tall. Rather have something bigger.


Alright, sounds like you got it licked

The height is kind of a big deal. If you get a short tent it can really limit what you do in it.

If you’re settled on that one, have you looked at any of the quantum boards for lighting? Specifically the xl 260. They’re generally sold as a kit which you would assemble at home. There’s a pretty good tutorial so don’t stress out over that. Or, for a few extra bucks you can get them pre assembled and tested. They’re very popular, and represent the most affordable way to get into the latest led tech. I’m thinking if you got into two of the xl 260’s for now, you could always add a third later if you wanted. But two would do a pretty good job.

Depending on your plans for the smaller spaces, those should be much more affordable to light.

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Wow I had never really looked into these types of lights. I watched some videos on assembly and that would not be a problem. I also took a look at some of the kit prices and they are right around the same as the optic led light. The one below is $374x2.

Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit

Is the above what you are referring too? For flowering, would two of these work? You thinking 3 or should i consider the one below:

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG-600H Quantum Board LED Kit

the one above is 723+49 to assemble and test, id pay that to avoid f’ing up my stuff.

Thank you for opening my eyes to this. think i will make the change. Have you had any xp with these types of lights? The number seem high which is what I want.

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they have three spectrums would i go for 3000 or 2700? there are the ones they say are for flowering.

If you’re gonna flower you need the taller tents!

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Hi @Robmin1973 welcome to the community looks like a cool set up 3 gallon pots seem to be the standard for indoor. 5 gallon is probably overkill for autos. Did my autos in 7gallon bags in a greenhouse though the roots filled the bags I felt I coulda saved some bucks on soil. As far as strains go the auto mix pack is great amneaia haze , blueberry , and northernlights
Gives you some variety and the blueberry and northern lights were super tough. I had issues with the amnesia haze but that was new grower issues I think. Suggestion though if you go that route the amnesia haze will likely do better in the happy frog over the ocean forest soil. Seems to be sensitive to nutrients.

ty for the info, i think im going to try the super skunk autos they got on the beginner page. might get something else too, havent really decided yet.

The white widow auto is very easy to grow and forgiving. It can handle a wide range in temps and is a nice producer, and the smoke is superb! And is relaxing chill high, yet still clear headed enough to funtction, and enough energry to do so if u choose, or couch locked with a good book works perfect too. Haven’t had any go longer then 90days most less then that.

(its pretty too! :slight_smile: )
I noticed the amnesia seems to start alittle slower off the start, but blows up fast, in what seems like over night after 3-4wks. And it is alittle more sensitive to nutes and light. Haven’t finished any yet so thats all i can offer on aha.
I havent tried the superskunk auto, but i have tried the superskunk (fem) (not auto) and it was a really heavy producer with super dense, skunky dark grean buds, that look like they have glaze on them. Very earthy, skunky smell and taste, very stinky! Only complaints were not great bag appeal bc its so dark and just not “pretty”(if selling it, mine is for personal so that doesnt bother me) and it had a high leaf to flower ratio, kindo of hard to trim.But dont take it as its bad, bc the smoke is super stoney, very narcotic medication. If u like skunk heritage, you’ll love it. It was a hug plant, heavy feeder, and was always thirsty, and bc it had such huge dense flowers it was first to get mold out doors, id love to try it indoors under a scrog with fans i bet it would be perfect.


Welcome to the forum and looks like you are getting your ducks in a row, good job!

Here’s something that new growers sometimes overlook: the highest demand for light is during flower. Remember that plants start out small. Personally, I would invest in a quality 3,000K quantum board for flowering and buy a couple of Meizhi 450 watt China lights for veg.

I think if you went with that hlg-600 you could call it done. Which is funny you mention it, because @Rugar89 should have that exact kit arriving tomorrow. I couldn’t imagine it being long before he has it up and running. So you can get a first hand opinion of that light really soon.

Otherwise two of those xl-260 kits would be ideal for a 4x4, not exactly sure how they would stack up with the extra 4 square feet. If you were going that route, I would definitely see how two of those kits would do first. But do to the size and nature, you could keep things the same and symmetrical by adding a third later if you were looking for more.

You definitely want the 3000k. Another thing with the qb’s, is that @Onlythebest79 just ordered boards and heatsink directly from hlg for $200. The driver can be sourced separately for around $70. If you don’t mind grabbing wire, connectors, and something to hang it on your own you can likely save a little money going that route. But that hlg-600 will be tough to beat and you’ll get everything you need.


To answer the rest of your questions, I have a single quantum board, but have built a couple for others. Most of my grows were done under cob leds.

If you’re looking for results under them, @MattyBear @MAXHeadRoom have current grow journals using them. I’m sure they’ll both be happy to discuss them.

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Absolutely. Let me know how I can help

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Hey man, Ty for joining my discussion. About the quantum boards, are they all the same? i was looking at buying the Horticulture Lighting Group HLG-600H Quantum Board LED which has 4 samsung LM561C S6 top bin Diodes for convenience and pay to have it assembled and tested. They also said they can add a dimmer switch.

Would I be able to do all that if I bought the parts and assembled myself? I build computers all the time so I am comfortable with working with delicate things.

I see alot of qb288s for sale on amazon but don’t know what diodes to look for if i was going to try and buy separate parts for the same 4 qb 288 quality setup(4 qb 288 boards at 3000k, heat sink i would like with space for eventually 6 qb 288 boards, driver and power cord. Is there a certain type of diode I should look for on a board and what is the quality of the ones they have on the board(samsung LM561C S6 top bin Diodes)?

thanks for any directions you can give me.


I have the 288 boards with those diodes. They are top bin (for the moment), but are and will be great Lights, even when the next bin diodes come out. I’m completely sold. That kit was just purchased by @Rugar89 I believe.
I was able to put my kit together with ease. If you work on computers, you should have no problem.

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The diodes HLG uses on there Quantum Boards are one of the most efficient on the market. Samsung does make one that is better but its not available yet.

I built my own from scratch and you have more experience then I do. here is my build. Its a clone of there HLG 550 light.

BUD LIGHT The Quantum Board Build

You can build this yourself, you are more than qualified

You may have to go with the QB288 boards and different drivers. but you should have a 500 watt light that works as good as a 1000w hps single ended light

Hope that helps :sunglasses: