Roberts Strains,Insomnia?

So all my life I’ve had insomnia,sleeping pills don’t work and over the years I’ve had to take sleep deprevation training to learn to handle no sleep.I keep very strong full indica smoke for night time ,but my guy can’t quarentee strains he gets,which is understandable,due to georgias stupid laws. My question is does anyone know buy experience if Robert has a good quality strain that works for sleep,I need something strong that knocks you right out. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Og kush is mostly an indica strain , but the in the seed shop there are details and a written description of genetics of each strain . View all seeds and Indica strains for insomnia , I thinks it’s like 7 maybe that will help .

Strawberry kush , og kush , super skunk , northern lights , white widow , bubblegum , and gold leaf is all indica strains hybrids that should help with insomnia ?

Yea I looked at them,there’s so many to choose from lol,I figured I would ask to see if anyone has tryed them and knows if one is better for than the other for it.I can get indica some times that won’t do nothing for it,alot of purple strains help pretry good.

Try the strawberry or bubblegum , it’s a moderate grow verses the white widow or northern lights , mean moderate don’t like stress , and northern lights and white widow can take quite ah bit , and still yield 8-14 ounces of dry weight per watt per square foot .

I would like to recommend the Pure Indica feminized. It is 100% indica and works great for insomnia. Since it is a pure indica, yields will be lower, but a pure indica high is cherished by many. Especially insomniacs…

Which one please
Would high indicas not help too
I struggle with terrible insomnia and anxiety and going through menopause too

O.G. Kush , Gold Leaf , Blueberry , White Widow , but mostly indica plants will be your best choice for your aliments ?

I bought some Gold Leaf seeds specifically for insomnia, to try for the first time.
I can’t say it will work for you, but it’s a trust and faith thing I have with ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA.

The Big Bud strain is one of the best strains for sleep, it is famous for its ability to put you to sleep very shortly after smoking. For more information on this plant go to and search the strain up. The reviews will blow you away with the amount of peoples comments on how well it knocked them out. @Cash give it a try man, you never know if this one might be for you.