Roberts Gold Leaf

This Gold Leaf is taking off at a good rate , hit soil after water germination on 2-10-21 . I like what I am seeing so far .


Good lookin little ladies, good luck

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Wow. Fast little ladies aren’t they?

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Thank you

Yes they are, happy with the beans I bought so far 4 out of 4 germinated , plus one of my own strains I’m working on. We can grow five legally here in IL. With med card.

This is the one I am working on


Whats with the cloth or whatever laying in the pot.

Nematodes , they are called pot pods from Amazon

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Good Morning @hanke I am so encouraging by your GL. I will be starting some of those for my next grow. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Wow that’s super awesome , I can hardly wait to see the outcome

Oh cool. New it was something.

Update a few days later

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