Roberts Bionic Strawberry Kush!

HI all! I just wanted to hail the power of Roberts seeds. I am a first time grower and I started a SK seed in a Jiffy Pot a couple of weeks ago. As I was moving it from the grow box to a bigger home, it rolled off my tray and hit the floor face first. I picked it up and it had bent over completely and could no longer stand. I was going to throw it away, but decided instead to prop it with a lollipop stick and a bit of tape.

To my surprise, the little bugger lived, grew a little more and soon could stand on its own. BUT worst was yet to come. I transplanted it into a grow pot. As I cut the tape off the stick, and to my horror, the scissors had cut the poor little thing clean in two! After I finished Swearing and berating myself, I picked the seedling and again thought F it! sticking back into the Jiffy Pot.

I am staggered to report that this little lady LIVED and is once again growing OMG! What the hell do you put in your seeds Robert!

Lesson here…NEVER give up! Love my little battler shown here growing next to her cut, original stork.


Amazing! glad you didnt give up on it


Well that’s a fine welcome to the world of growing a C-4 cannabis plant :seedling:. But in all honesty some of my best yielding plants has came thru extreme stress to produce some of the best bud you can ever smoke. Now you had your first lesson, so for future grows get everything prepared patiently and your plants will reward you in the end…it only gets better from here.


I’ll be right back, I need to go drop my plants!. I’ll tell them Yoshi said to do it.
I think many annual flower gardeners are rough with young healthy plants (when planting from trays). Sitting roots in the sun, too dry, too wet, other stress, etc. and the flowers look great a few weeks later. I realize they are vegging plants and not sprouts but sometimes they can take ‘some’ abuse.
btw, I check on my crop’s wellbeing about 50+ times a day, but… I ask how my spouse is once every morning and I play with my dogs about 20 times per day. Plants win, yeah


Just a quick up date on my “abused” Kush. She is the lower one. She is looking really good. the other seedling is the one I planted to replace her when I cut her in half. So proud of this little fighter!!

Thanks for the feedback Yoshi and all, I remain amazed.

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