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Ive ordered everything you sent me from amazon just need clarification on couple things i mentioned, hopefully when time we can connect when it comes to actually putting it together lmao. Wish there was a way to speak directly with other people here for things like this lol. I should have all amazon stuff by tuesday /thursday next wk , friday is surgery so ill see what happens . I just have soo many questions snd i know im being a pain in the butt, again i apologize just dont want to screw up the investments ive made and making lol

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Oops! My bad. I meant 1 1/2”.

No you’ll need one 1 1/2” bulkhead on both the grow tote and res. One coming out of the res and one going into the grow tote. You’ll need one 3/4” bulkhead coming out of the tote on the front side.

Top of my thread.

One inline water pump just before the chiller. There is no submergible water pump. The WP I sent you can be used either way. That seller has two. Best deal.

Ask away brother. More than happy to help and believe me, not a pain at all.

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Hey @robert365 I came across this video. It’s a simple system, not what @HappyHydroGrower is explaining (well, maybe it is!), but to get a visual of how the tote and feed lines and drain lines work I found well explained on this one. I could easily build a 5’x5’ platform 2’ high and put my 4x4 tent on it!


Well as stated i ordered everything you suggested from Amazon just have to get the pipes from HD , probably wont attempt the actual setup to after my surgery, for now ill do one 12 in tent and 1 12 for res outside unless you really think the bigger one would be best i can get them from HD as well and save the 12’s for one i put up the wall in whats going to be my perm. grw rm. And use them for someone else

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Cool beans Spudgunner ill have a look at it maybe ill see something i can use for other boxes im gonna design a 9x10 spc for my perm. grw area

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The only thing not incorporated is a chiller. But in this system, I guess you could go from one corner of the reservoir to the chiller then back into another corner of the reservoir. Then if the chiller craps out, everything else still functions.


We have seen lots of folks try to run rdwc with small totes and it doesn’t work well due to the roots clogging the lines. I’ve seen 3” lines get clogged. I use 3/4” and have never even gotten close to clogging the lines.

I’ll never say it won’t work but….
There is a reason I run it like I do. Using anything else may not work the same… but then again it may be fine… :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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So you said 2 27 gal totes then right ? How hard you think it be to tear it down and move to my other room once its ready, my main roim like yours will have water and a sink , in it as well so i wont have to lug 5 gal pails around…lol. im thinking 2-3 wks out ill have everything. Surgery done and will set up the tent then .

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Im getting excited and sooo looking forward to not having to mix 5gl. pails of nutes and then having to drain and refill the res/plant combo every wk…:grin::grin::grin::grin:

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If you put cutoff valves and and quick couplings on it, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.
If you look at my pictures and zoom in you may be able to make out how I have them all hooked together.

I used the 1 1/2” bulkheads from tractor supply, 3/4” bulkheads from HD or lowes. I also used lots of plumbers tape.

I think on chrises thread I posted the totes I bought from lowes and the res from Walmart.

YouTube plumbing if your not sure about anything.
3/4” black tubing from wherever and hose clamps from HD. If you can run hot water through the tubing or lay it out in the sun for a couple of hours before trying to lay it out in your room, it will help soften it up and lay down easier. Dipping the ends of the tubing in hot water makes them go on the elbows easier.

Whenever you get ready to assemble well walk you through it. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Hey Happy is this the type of bulkhead union you were referring to

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@HappyHydroGrower Im going to try and get everything i need from HD this morning im gonna follow your list to the T and hope i dont miss anything lol 10ft of 1 1/2 in pvc i noticed that alot of pipe pieces are 1 1/2 so wouldnt i need 1 1/2 in ball valves as well not 1/2 " just curious

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I’ll see if I can get some closer pics of the parts.

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Thats kool thanks , i eas eondering would a 1/2" ball valve fit on 1 1/2 pipe correctly. Like i said will hand the guy at HD your list of pipe parts and get everything as you listed

Well First you need a plan of how to lay it all out. Then just count your joints and all the parts. There are several different ways to hook it up depending on what items you want included.
Do you want cutoff valves?
Do you want quick couplings?
Do you want threaded or solvent type connectors?

Like I’ve have always said, the worst part about hydro (rdwc) is getting all the right parts, laying it all out, and hooking it all up. After that, it’s a piece of cake! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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@HappyHydroGrower so is jacks easier to keep up qith the ppm than say the AN ive been uaing? Do you use any boosters as well or it pretty much all natural with just Jacks basic 321 or 123 nutes. I like how your clear the water in your res and plant totes is. Probably doesnt give off that nute smell either huh?

I m thinking of trying to run the pipes through the 6in openings on either side of my tent so in the left side into the grow tote and out the right side back to chiller and res . I wissh my tent had double openings so i could work on all sides of the plant from the front and back of my tent. When set up my perm grw room i want to see if i can off center the whole setup towards the middle of the floor so ill be able to walk around all sides of the plants and in between them as well. Probably going to completely milar the walls and ceiling to throw more light and build a separate cabinet just for drying in one corner so it can dry in the dark ( is that a necessity)

Id like cutoff valves so if res needs to be changed it be easier to drain and im guessing quick couplings to make break down easier when im ready to move it to new room. Just need them added to list lol size and how many of each

It’s really just whatever you get use to.I will say, I have seen lot of folks switch over to it and never go back.

Nope. Normally just Armor Si,Jack’s, and Hydroguard. And of Corse always keep ph up & down on hand. I buy it by the gal. But then again I buy most things in bulk…lol I’ve got enough pvc parts to put together another system if I had room… Including 3 extra water pumps and air pumps… lol

Very little smell. :+1: :v: :sunglasses:


Here are some pics that may give you an idea or two.
​​Here are two dif types of 1 1/2" cutoff valve.
One is (s x s) and the other is (f x f)
s=solvent, f=female :point_down:

This is what you do when they don’t have the parts that you want… It could have been done different to use less parts. :point_down: Coming out of the res flowing to the totes.

Going into the back of the tote. :point_down: I like that cutoff coupling better cause it’s less parts

Now you can see how 3/4" pvc comes out of the tote and down to the floor where it goes under the res and to the water pump.the water pump.
Water level is always the same as the totes. :point_down:

You can see how I have the 3/4" pvc routed under my res to the water pump and how it cycles through my chiller and into my res.
Gravity does the rest. It’s a nice gentle water flow through the system. :point_down:

:+1: :v: :sunglasses:

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