Robert...please advise


With $7200. in LED Grow lights on the way from TruLite LED, a company you endorse in your Grow Bible, thank you for writing, I found this ripoff report, [EDIT: Link removed] ripoffreport dot com /trulite-led-matthew-butka/gilmanton-iron-works-new-hampshire-03837/trulite-led-matthew-butka-veggie-fresh-led-my-hydroponic-gardening-howtogrowbudcom-f-1152407 on the internet today from 2014. Shame on me for not picking this up earlier, but nevertheless I have now.
The people at TruLite, specifically Russell and Mathew, I have found to be knowledgeable and forthright, but maybe I’m wrong about them? I have ordered lights from them and an awaiting delivery. Should I continue with this order or cancel/return/refund? Thank you!!!


I have sent your information to Robert. I am a grow support leader, and this is about something posted in the Bible; So, I cannot personally reply to your concerns.

Hopefully you will get a reply in the morning. lw


Thank you very much latewood. I greatly appreciate your response and anxiously await Robert’s, if he chooses to grace my post, thank you!


Latewood asked me to chip in here:

For my take on the website called the ripoff report: Please read listen to Reply All’s podcast on this site ( , or read the story on Digg:

In my opinion this is a horrible website that gives anybody the power to destroy innocent businesses. Reports are never checked for facts, and cannot be removed. Business owners are human too.

About the actual claim: I cannot verify the contents. I know Mathews product are great, for a reasonable price. It is perfectly possible better or cheaper products exist. We cannot test and verify every shop in the US.

Topic starter:dont worry about your order, it seems you will be starting a massive grow soon. Good luck!

I will email them about this claim, wait for a response, and update the grow bible if needed.

Happy growing all,
Robert Bergman