Robert Bergman's R&D


Would love to know how Robert’s strains camr to be.
Where did he get the parents to his very own strains? How did he chose? How long did they take?
Love to know always a good read and makes the strains themselves more interesting and deep when you know the work that went into them.
Thanks, hope someone from the team can give a link to this info or picks this up and passes it on or comments.


Very interesting topic, I’d love to know myself


I believe it’s a secret and wish you good luck
I’ll be following lol :joy:
:+1:CB :v:


If i were to guess as a teen he found he loved cannabis & started growing. He was able to follow his passion & experiment with this & that tweaking the genetics & left a trail for us to find the Wonderful Wizard of Seeds!


Why a big secret all other seed banks list lineage


@Wishingilivedina420state to control genetics would be my guess


it’s not like I can change the lineage of say white widow or blue berry by knowing what it is. Unless he thinks I’m gonna breed my own an sell it that’s stupid.


If I developed my own strain, I’d share seeds, but not info.


We should wait till we get a response from someone. No one has said the lineage is secret yet. Gold Leaf is a proprietary strain Robert created. He has talked about it in more than one email. Might have the strain info there.

Teaching special growers techniques would be more a Lab thing. This side is a growers community, if we wanted to talk breeding tips we can start a thread.


C’mon robert open Pandora’s Boz!


I would like to see a Ducksfoot strain offered here.

There are a lot of us stealth growers that would grab them up. I stumbled upon this strain by pure luck, a bag seed. I keep clones going for 3 years.
They pretty much disappear into the background. My gorilla grow could get frustrating. Even though I knew what trees they’re hidden by, damnd if I wouldn’t still walk by them 2-3 times looking. I was even confident enough to grow at home, even with 3 different Sheriff neighborhoods. The tomatoe plants in my veg garden also made them invisible.


Ghost garden



Ducksfoot you say…


You can find it elsewhere, but Ilgm should be the one to purrfect it for us :joy::rofl:


That would be truly awesome

Not just for the camo factor either, leaf spreads like that look like they can draw in more sunlight to convert