Robert Bergman is scaring me Joking

So… Im posting shots on this great forum, getting good feedback following advice from the pros.
Then Robert Bergman sent the grow tips in his weekly email, Gmail
BUD ROT, I have been hanging wet towels in my grow room, sparying them with my atomizer daily to keep the humiditity up and the plants cool.
I have only 2 weeks to harvest, they dont appear to have any ROT, whay should I do from here on in?? Stop the towels & watering ?? :confused:

As a seedling,relative humidity should be 70% or higher, Veg at about 50-60% and during Flowering your relative humidity should be 40-45%. If you are keeping in that range, you should not have any problems with bud rot. Jerry

Thanks Growman,
Should I give them a spray with rain water every day?

@Medicalgrower If you spray early in the day for seedlings and vegging it should be OK. That will give the plant time to use the water and the heat as well as air circulation should evaporate all the water. I would NOT spray flowering plants at all as they may hide the water in their flowers and not evaporate, leading to bud rot. If you do not already have one, a thermometer with the relative humidity included on it is very helpful. These are not very expensive and can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or on line at Amazon and E-Bay. Knowing the Relative Humidity (RH) can take a lot of worry about finishing the plant flowering.

I do not keep any standing water, wet towels or extra water in the tent when flowering is finishing unless the RH falls to below 35% and then as I said, early in the day. Just too much risk of allowing mold to grow. Hope this helps you with your crop. Jerry

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