Roach weed problems

I’ve saved about a pint jar full of roach weed. All paper and most of the ash has been removed. The problem is, it’s almost hard as a rock. I would like to roll it but, it’s too hard. What can I do to soften it up ? I’ve tried an electric grinder and a mortar and pestle. It just ends up looking like quarter inch pebbles.
Any ideas what I should do with this?

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Maybe try and take one of the chunks and set it on like parchment paper or something ot doesn’t matter if it gets sticky and warm it up a little.
Like set whatever you want to roll ontop of a wifi router or seedling heat mat, just something to wa it a little bit and hopefully it because soft :man_shrugging:

Oh welcome to the forum btw :grin:
Just noticed this was your first post…
But if that doesn’t work, maybe pack a bowl with it and just smoke it that way.

I keep mine after clearing the ash out good i store them in the paper or wrap till i want to smoke them then i bust them open.
They are alot of times rock hard tiny chunks and i cut them up with scissors but I could imagine if I was to put just the weed in something it could stick together and be big chunks and be a pain.

When you say electric grinder do you mean something to grind weed or like a coffee bean grinder?

I use a coffee bean grinder to go through large amounts of material for wax.

Got new just for weed and I’ve used it for years now. But something like this should bust it up :man_shrugging:

I’ll try the warming up thing. I don’t really like to use pipes. I have a coughing problem and joints just work better for me for some reason. I have a wireless yep spice grinder just like the one in your picture. It helps a little but still have hard lumps.

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This corded it rills up in the bottom.

I can’t hardly hit a pipe like i use to either, i can barely hit a joint or blunt myself so I definitely understand.

I prefer concentrates now, I’m going to cough and chock so i just power through 4-5 little hits to equal a regular person’s 1 and im good :grin:

But warming it should soften it up but it could make it realy sticky if it works :sweat_smile:

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