RO watering systems?

I was wondering about the advantage of such a system? My tap water that I use measures about 180 to 200 when testing. What improvement can one see in a ro system? happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Basically 0 PPM in your feed water. I used to run around town buying distilled water. I bought a RO system to avoid that and have never looked back.

Is high PPM the reason to go with RO or is more about other crap municipal supplies might contain?

I do it because I know exactly what my plants are getting when I use RO.


Will i have better grows with 0PPM in feed water? Is it noticeable the higher feed ppm 189 versus a ro system?

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189 PPM tap really isn’t high. I went to RO because my tap is 550 PPM. Adding RO to your grow is a good thing, but you won’t really see a difference in plant performance. You just have to manage nute doses a bit differently if you stick with tap water.