RO water and chlorine


Does RO remove chlorine out of city water?


Mine has a chlorine filter. with total of 3 filters on it


@bryan @Guitfidl
Ro filtration will remove most minerials and most have a charcoal filter to remove chlorine and fluoride
So the answer to the question is yes it will
Good choice in filtration :+1:
Water will be pure almost like a distilled water once filtered


Good. I’m wanting to add great white microbes and I didn’t want the chlorine to kill them. After I start should I ad cal mag?


What are you using for nutes
Since you’ll be removing all trace minerals the only thing that will be in the water is what you put in it @Guitfidl


Yes the charcoal removes it. So stage one removes


I am using jungle juice 3 parts nutrients. Clonex root builder. Great white microbes. And with the to water I think I will add cal mag.


Look into a silica supplement as well will help with root and stem tissue strength @Guitfidl just a thought
I use the silica blast and add it to my base nutes
Imo works great :+1: