RO vs Distilled for Out of Town Help

Hey all, happy Sunday hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

I need someone to water while heading out of town, and trying to dummy proof it. It will be an off-nute cycle thankfully, and am in veg with about 1.5 weeks to flip. In FFOF medium.

Question is should I have them use RO or distilled? PHing is off the table (too much to ask), and I read that distilled is 7.0 and RO you can’t really adjust the PH anyway.

Tap is around 9 so that’s off the table.

Any thoughts appreciated! @Bulldognuts @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower my normal tags :slight_smile: Hope y’all doing great!

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Correct. Distilled is essentially the same thing (nearly pure H2O with PPM < 10,) and there is no need to pH either distilled or RO. Distilled and RO will take on the pH of the medium they are put in. They have no pH.


Essentially the same thing made two different ways.
PPMs are negligible. Use either and you will be fine.

@MidwestGuy beat me to it. Lol


Thanks @MidwestGuy @Spiney_norman I guess RO route will use less plastic (refillable 5gal) vs 5 1gal distilled so I will go that way.

Have a great Sunday!


@Spiney_norman @MidwestGuy :100::+1:

I’ve been harping on this for some time: good to see the message is getting through.


Yeah it took a little bit for it to sink in on me :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Same here, you’ve told me about not needing to do this to RO. Im an ole dog brother :slight_smile: