Ro Systems different types?

I have just received a pallet of RO systems I need to test to get the appropriate stamps and certifications to sell locally, Because the goverment has just up’d all fluoride levels in town water my mate is selling them very fast, So I get to test new lines and write English hand books for them yay :nerd:
I have three main types
five stage + charcoal/ taste filter (it adds 4 ppm and moves the ph to 6.2)
five stage + Alkaline filter (seems to do the same as above but 7.4)
five stage + reminearalization filter (adds all the good minerals back in ph 7)

Would any of these be good for mixing nutes ?
Has anyone had or used on of these types of RO units with the extra filter to make it drinkable
All of them out put nice drinking water but the water wastage is full on


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I have found that I do not have to leave the waste line open and don’t waste much water. I flush it once a week. I change filters when necessary. I use a 5 stage and it purifies to .o37 ppm. 5 stage with RODI

I would want to use a unit if price is comparable that outputs water close to the PH I want. :slight_smile:
Don’t know if that answered your question… lw

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The Kangen water system will give you water at whatever pH you choose. My buddy was telling me about their systems and it’s pretty neat! Check it out!

I have 3 main types all 5+1 stage
one has a taste filter with 0.05 need a better ppm meter to see better ph is 6.7
next has a ph filter but it seems to add .4 to the ppm ph 8
the last one adds back all the minerals we need in water I have only just started the testing on this model
handy and good timing we are in flood and cant drink the water so having good filters is handy atm still need to boil but it tastes ok


It gets me what they think is healthy for use. You know I high doses fluoride makes your teeth soft. That tribe in Africa that chisels teeth to points can do so cause of high levels.
Again they try so hard to keep us sick.
I used a 5 stage for years for my reef system. Best thing ever for live creatures. I used the drain line to fill bucket and then watered lawn with it.

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Fluoride in low levels is a known antidepressant making you less worried about what they are doing
Dont see RO units here much

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