RO Buddy and, what does your watering system look like?

Right now I"m using tap water. My plants are tiny so I fill up a watering can in the sink, no biggie. I use AN so just a single squirt from each bottle and I’m done. This won’t last forever.

I’ve seen vids and pics of people using reservoirs (most glorified storage containers) when the time comes that using a single gallon container is going to be annoying.

I’d like to get a large plastic container and dip my watering cans in there. Or is there a pump that can be put in so I could get a sprayer to work? How do you incorporate reverse osmosis into a low-fi set up like this? I don’t have room to install one under my sink.

Many thanks in advance.

I ended up buying on of those pump sprayers like you would you with Round up or your yard. I just use that and it works awesome.

Hi- so I did think about that but they’re only a gallon. Are you prepping your water or feeding in a larger vat and then filling the sprayer? Are you using RO water as well? Trying to figure out how to streamline this once the plants start asking for multiple gallons.

The one I got is a 2 gallon. What I do is use 5 gal buckets to mix my nutrients, then pour it into the sprayer. All your plants might not want the same recipe so it may be better to mix separately

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I use a a couple 5 gallon buckets and a pint glass to water. I typically grow 8 plants, each in 5 gal containers.

Plain RO water can be safely stored in lidded containers for a a week or so. The RO Buddie is a great portable system.

You’re going to want to actually measure out your nutes, not just give a squirt of them.


I grow 6 plants per grow in 10 gallon containers.

My system is comprised of a 10 gallon tub (muck tub available at farm stores or online) with a float valve to prevent over flow. In the reservoir I have the suction line from a small diaphragm pump with a hose and wand at the end. The pump has a 40 psi pressure switch so that when I shut off the valve on the wand, the pump stops.

I mix and adjust my water/nutes in the reservoir (which is heated and aerated) and use the pump/wand to water the plants to runoff. Early in veg this is enough, but later in flower I actually fill this twice for a watering/feeding session. I just use tap water.
This is the pump that I use: