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I just did a quick check, 12% food grade H2O2 seems to be available on Amazon and several other sites.

I am quite satisfied with 3% H2O2.

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How much do you use?

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I am a soil grower so only use it for pest treatment (when I have pests, very seldom) and for clean up between grows and for bud rinse after harvest. Two quarts does me for a grow with some left over.

Edit: I changed from one quart to two quarts, I don’t really track things that closely.

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Knowing my set-up id probable go thru a few gallons. Unless I just use it to spray on the roots every couple days to help take care of the slight case of root rot im dealing rn…

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Wally World sells a quart of 3% for $.84. It takes me a month to use that much when running hydro. I have a spray bottle with it and a Hudson sprayer as well. A fine mist of peroxide on everything does a great job.


Thanks! Good to know i don’t need to use a lot at a time!

Just got home last night. Unfortunately I’m in a blizzard so I won’t be able to pick up any H2O2 till tomorrow at the earliest.

I just got my chiller installed. Doing a rez change right now. I’m adding my nutes over the course of 2-3 hours just so I know everything is mixed before I add the next. I’ll post pictures when I’m done. I noticed not much growth over the last week. Everything still looks green. And I’m still getting white roots to grow so I think the bleach is working for now.

Once I get H2O2 I’ll stop using bleach. I don’t see the harm in it till then. I haven’t added any to my rez as of yet. It’ll be tomorrow when I add that. I don’t want the bleach to turn to chlorine gas because of the ph down


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