Rkrons 4 site rdwc 4×4

My plan is to veg for 6 weeks. Goals are a minimum of a qp per plant

So started my 4 clones on January 1st.

102 watt air pump
Gh flora trio
Gh CaliMagic
Gh ArmorSI
28-30 gallons of RO
GH flora clean in between rez changes.
And 4.5ml concentrated bleach
Ppms were about 500 this week

Once the lids are filled up with lst I will be putting in a 2x2inch scrog screen during stretch I plan on putting in a 4x4inch or 6x6 inch screen to support the colas

January 8th

Ppms were started at about about 700 this week.


Putting in a water chiller once that comes in. Really dislike my water temps. Peaking at about 75-77. Would like it to stay 66-68.

Running 2 mars hydro tsl2000 dialed back to 75% about 24 inches away

Recommend you stay away from bleach: peroxide is a better sterilant for hydro. You will use it for everything.


How much 3% and how often?

I’m only adding enough to be at about 2-3ppm

You will mix 50/50 in a sprayer and spray down all totes and lines, plant roots etc. You can run a dilute mix (5 to 1) and circulate through lines, be aware that contact with hard water will dissipate H2O2 into water so if mixing use distilled or R/O water only. You would not want to run it along with nutes.

I do have hydrogaurd but would rather stay sterile. I do have signs of root rot already starting. Hence the bleach…

Bleach leaves a residue that can burn or poison plants and is hard to rinse away. Peroxide is your friend in hydro.

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An recommendations on where to buy more concentrated H202 online in US? If so how should those ratios be?

You don’t need more concentrated, but if you did; 10% is the strongest you can get IIRC and a local Beauty Supply store would be the place to get it. 3 % peroxide is plenty though.

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Alrifht thanks!

According to my buddy the roots are getting darker… temp was 75.5

You need a chiller, dude.

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Temps need to remain below 70F for two reasons: O saturation for the roots along with reduced risk of pythium (root rot).

RDWC is superior IMO to DWC for a couple of reasons: PH remains steadier with a large standing rez and your standalone time is greatly increased due to having a reservoir to keep everything at level. Make sure net pot is 1 1/2 to 2" above top of liquid and air should look like water is boiling. Moderate TDS: should not ever need over 900 ppm in veg and 1,000 ppm in flower.

My chiller just shipped today thanks tho!

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My first ever grow was a DWC. I absolutely hated it. Thats why I made my own RDWC. Chiller will get there in a few days. Once I’m back home ill be installing it. And also will be installing 2 inch Styrofoam around my buckets

I like those 18 gallon yellow top totes for buckets. I bought a sheet of 1/2" metalized Styrofoam from H.D. and basically lined the space above the tote and below the plant. That was good for 5F drop in temperature.

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Haha thanks. But they are the 7 gal from HD. Thats they same insulation I have but mines either 1 1/2 or 2 inch. So just have a 4x4 sheet across the top? I’ll of course be cutting it in so I can check the totes whenever I want

They also make it so much easier to put bulkheads in

Well my chiller will be delivered today. Unfortunately I’m over 8 hours away and won’t be home till Friday night. (Work OTR) id have my buddy install it but I’d rather be there so I can monitor for leaks. All he would do would be install and leave so cant really do that. He checks on my plants daily for me. Let’s me know of any issues.

When I left Monday morning I had some leaves curling/twisting. What would be the cause of that?

My DIY chiller(mini-fridge with hose coiled in it) seems to keep it from going above 73. I know they need to be lower…

Be very careful, read the labels thoroughly…I tried to get some more concentrated H2O2 at the beauty supply store but everything they had was full of all sorts of additives that I did not want to introduce.

I am sure that more concentrated pure H2O2 is available, just not in our small town. Super high concentrated H2O2 is used for rocket or missile fuel if memory serves.

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Thanks for the info ill watch out for if I do end up getting more concentrated H2O2!

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