Risentek Soil Review

Have anyone used Risentek Soil? I was offered a bag to do a review. I’m nervous being I grow hydroponic. I’m determined to give it a go tho.

  • 【Nutrient Rich Organic Potting Soil Mix】100% organic potting mix contains all of the nutrients that your seeds and plants need, including carefully screened blonde sphagnum peat, 0-30mm frost gold, and a small amount of organic fertilizer for fast root development, promotes healthy plant growth.
  • 【Great for Fast Root Development】Specially formulated for fast root development, helps build strong roots for healthy and vigorous plants. This potting soil mix features a light and airy texture, which ensures more oxygen reaches the roots for optimal growth and health, promotes root development.
  • 【Optimal Balance of Water Retention and Drainage Ability】This garden soil mix allows good drainage to prevent overwatering. At the same time, it’s able to retain enough water for the roots to absorb, help your plants to thrive. A great combination of water retention and drainage ability.
  • 【pH Balanced】This plant soil mix is pH balanced (5.5), ensures maximum nutrient uptake and optimal root growth, which makes your plants grow healthier, with less work on your part. Perfect for all stages of plants’ growth.
  • 【Easy to USE】 This grower mix soil is packed in a reusable sealing bag, to keep the soil fresh when storing and easy to open and close with every use. It’s ready to use right out of the bag. Just open the bag and pour the seed starter soil into your grow container, and it’s ready to go.

safe to say I think it is good for just starting the seed but maybe I should have more soil for veg and flower. but maybe there is a soil I can start in and complete veg in… and then add something different in flower. just looking for the guys with knowledge on the subject

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No hurt in trying. Will be interesting to see how things go.