Risentek bud trimmer?

Alright, I know someone here has one, thoughts?

I’m going to be losing my niece(going back to France) and my daughter is probably going to land a corporate job soon, so I losing my trimmers.

@Missiles you are the eyes and ears of ILGM, who has one?


I wish there was an affordable trimmer that approached the quality of hand trimming. My experience with several of that style trimmer was that they only trimmed down to a certain level. Folded leaves and all stems were usually left sheared off but visible.


Lol I haven’t seen one of those personally over here, not to say it’s not. I knew a guy on GN that had one similar but he’s not there anymore :thinking:


I have the Risentek trimmer.

It certainly does not do the same job that hand trimming does but it works well on the medium to small buds. The 4 or 5 inch colas don’t do as well.

The main trick when using any of the bowl trimmers is to turn SLOWLY.


If he’s not there anymore, he is probably around here somewhere then…

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The reason that I purchased this trimmer rather than the much, much cheaper iPower style bowl trimmers is, what appears to be, a very robust design and the large capacity.

Most of the trimmer is of metal construction including the gear box. The plastic covers are flat and can be easily replaced of broken.

The only down side that I have identified is the weight of this thing. It is fairly heavy due to all of the stainless steel. I would certainly repeat this purchase if I had it to do over again.

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@merlin44 would you say it’s a good tool for first stage trim then clean up by hand?

Also, I like to do a rough initial trim, all leaves without crystals, then dry and dry trim after.

Is it worth it as a dry trimmer?

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That is exactly how I use it. The large colas are hand trimmed and the mid to small buds get machine trimmed with hand cleanup.

I have tried wet trimming but don’t prefer that so I use it as a dry trimmer.

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That’s what I needed to hear! Thank you sir

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