Ripped roots off seedling transplanting

Ripped of roots transplanting right where root turns from soft to hard like at surface area. Is it possible to do like a transplant and bring it back?

You’ll just have to stick it in the dirt and see what happens. It may redevelop roots like a clone would. Expect some drooping as she recovers.

It’s always best to wait until you have a solid, healthy root ball before attempting to transplant.


Personally I’d start another seed to replace that one.
If it does survive it will probably be stunted /and well behind the others.
Sometimes :poop: happens.:roll_eyes:. Sorry.



I’m with you 100%, start over, your only a few days behind but a stunted plant could be weeks behind. If it survives :thinking:


You could start another seed but I wouldn’t give up on that one I swear every single time I give up on a plant it surprises me. I had two plants in my last run of autos that just grew straight up like a male plant normally would so I threw them into a corner of my big tent and all but forgot about them they both gave me over 3 ounces and one my ol lady said might have been the best smoke she’s ever had and my ol lady is a pothead since the 80s :laughing:


Add some cloning gel at the that spot and bury the stem deeper. Should recover.


Just give it a chance. I call those plants Garys. I had a mutant clone living under a desk lamp for six months that started to flower then revegged. I put my Gary outside in May at 6 inches tall and now she is 4 ft and about ready for harvest.

Weird bud is better than no bud. :grinning: