Ripped off by ILGM... Very Possible! **update: seeds have arrived


I ordered several seeds and it has been a month now, and still havent arrived.

I have sent about 5 emails (one a day) to customer service, and no help.

I am trying the Forum to possibly get some response. |ORDER #675325|

Next step will be placing a commercial lien against the company…

@ILGM.Support @ILGM.Stacy

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I’m a long time customer that has never had a problem with the purchase of seeds or supplies. If you didn’t receive an email indicating that your shipment is in route- something went wrong. They always send notice prior to arrival. How did u pay?

It looks like you got someones attn at ilgm

Give them a chance to identify the issue and try to fix it. They are good people.


I have to hunt them down for a response to my many emails, is terrible customer service.

They may have helped you, but completely ignored me… Clearly this is a very clever and manipulative scam…

It’s ok, I have UCC-1 form ready to go, and once submitted by then it will be too late for this company…

like @forcedinduction said, I’m also a long time customer. Spent over a grand on seeds. When I’ve had a question or issue they were always right there. And I’m not a paid guy, just a buyer and love this forum.


Lucky you…

Where are you at? Are you in the US?

no, Australia…

My next step is absolutely destroying them with a Negative SEO campaign from different IP addresses on a VPN, to ensure maximum devastation to their SERPS… Perhaps then they will learn not to rip people off…

To be fair, all my business has been in the US and I sent checks to a Colorado and Florida. I can say that I have not done business with them outside of the US. I really hope that it is something that they can fix for you. Sorry for your troubles. Wishing you the best.

Thanks. Your nice… !!!

Yes, I hope they would at least reply…

I should have gone with a EU Company, instead of a US Company…

Will not make that mistake again !

others on this forum have complained about shipments to Australia not arriving. Some have had problems like you, but I think it is more of a shipping problem then a rip off scam.

Not sure why customer service won’t get back to you.

Hey there,

I’m sorry to hear about this, something seems to be going wrong.
I tried looking up any emails from you using your email address and order number but with no luck, which email address did you use when you tried to contact us?

Anyway, I will reach out to you today so we can help you out asap! :slight_smile:

I do want to add, that we are a Dutch company. And at the moment the ETA to Australia is longer than usual.


Hi, am so sorry. I just received them and couldn’t be happier.

Once again really sorry for losing my cool, just hard because didn’t hear back for a week, and even an autorespond email and ticketing system would make customer feel at ease.

Once again, sorry for over reacting. Received and very grateful for community help


OH SNAP!!! I knew this would get some responses… man I’d hate to cross you, liens, bad press whatever an seo camp is. Dang those seeds better grow 15 footers or your gonna out them outta business. LoL glad it worked out… happy trails!


Just curious…How does one file an international lien for a product that is illegal in your country.
Isn’t that just a bit self incriminating?


I’m happy to hear that, have fun growing!

About contacting us, we do have all of that (autoreplies, inquiry emails about how your seeds are doing after a short while, etc.) but I just can’t find any emails from you so I’m wondering which email address you used when contacting us.

If you do need any help in the future, just send me a PM on here so we can make sure everything goes well this time. :slight_smile: