Ripen Seed help

Hi all! Quick question… I pollinated a Durban magic with a Malawi gold male, 8.5 weeks ago. Both are long flower strains.I pulled a couple test seeds this week and 3 of 5 are dark and strong. Should I put my plant in dark for awhile to finish seeds? Can a pollinated plant flower too long? Thanks

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You can leave the seed branch on as long as needed. You could cut all the other branches down and just keep the seed branch growing…no more nutes. But at 8.5 weeks with mostly dark seeds you should already be right at the finish line for seeds.


Thank you. I seed the entire plant, I’m lucky I have the space to do so so I take full advantage of it


I would let the plant go until it was starting to seriously fail. Then harvest the entire plant.


Since seeds are what you want…let the plant go long as possible. Might put a piece of foil or plastic to catch any seeds that try to escape. Once seeds are seeds…no major rush to harvest like there is for buds.